Possibly one of the rarest sights in Laos

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  1. Just got back from Laos this afternoon and the biker god's must have been smiling on me. A ferry ride all to myself and a Thai ferry to boot, not sure what the truck drivers thought as i left Houay Xai, but i was a happy bunny.


  2. Nice one.. Lucky bugger.. Not crammed up on top of the ramp...
  3. I was expecting a wildlife pic
  4. vip ride for GT Rider :)
  5. Yep...a solo boat crossing...that's very unusual, especially with all the trucks waiting to cross.

    I noticed no one is standing anywhere near you...did you shower the night before...:wink:
  6. You got it.. It was green and mean..
  7. Hey Bob, The same thing happened to me.

    I think there got a deal going that allows the Thai ferry to take motorcycles back across to Thailand. Good for us. LOL

    The lonely KLX

    The trucks were banked up to the main road on the Lao side.

    And on the Thai side they were banked up along main road, as well as a few parked on the Chiang Rai road.

    I bet these guys will happy when the bridge opens.

    Note the blue pick ups trying to get out of the car cark, they had no hope.

    The truck behind the white one was parked so far to the left, the only way for me to get out was to ride on the foot path.
    It was Khaos.

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