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  1. There will be another celebration this Saturday at most Lisaw villages, some say it'll be bigger than New Year celebrations yesterday.

    For people in Chiang Mai, I would recommend the villages betwee Phrao and Chiang Dao, and bewtween Phrao and Mae Kachan, particulary, baan Sam Li and Baan Kuan Jae, about 30 km's east of Phrao, along the main road...Look for the signs...Sam Li is a smaller village, but I like the friendly intimacy among the people I found there last night. Kuan Jae is much larger, and more of a party place... At the top of the village there is a school with one of best views to be found in the North, rivalling the view from Doi Inthanon, in my opinion.

    Have fun!
  2. Just got back from ban Sam Li, the scene of a very large gathering. Perhaps 200 dancers stepping in unison in a circle...Beautiful site...Hey, I have a photo, too....
  3. Larry
    Sounds like you hit the jackpot & got daytime dancing.
    I’ve had brilliant Lisu New Year times in Thung Koo & Khun Jae in the Phrao area, plus Doi Chang in the Wawi area, a few years back. I was the only farang & there were loads of Lisu gals & guys in full costume - it was an awesome experience.
    This year I thought it would be time for a change, so Pang Ma Pha it was, especially as I love staying at both the Soppong River Inn and Little Eden.
    In Soppong, we all had a great time, but the Lisu action was only at night, so not so great photos, plus it was bloody cold! Even a certain guy from Alaska complained about the cold in the morning.
    Reports should be coming from Maarten & the other guys afterwards.
    Meanwhile Robert, Andy & Joe are all off to Cambodia...

    Keep the power on
  4. Yeah David it was fun. I was also the only farang at both Baan Sam Li (where the picture was taken referred to earlier) and Kuan Jae

    Baan Sam Li was certainly the place to be in the daytime. Incredible views of the whole CM basin..Baam Sam Li is located about 5 km's before Kuan Jae (Kuan Jae is maybe 5 times bigger), and just below in elevation, but still on top of the world...

    But, once it was dark, the winds were whipping around (the village is situated on a high, open ridge) and it got %$!! cold! Didn't stop the dancing- or courting! Everywhere you looked,in the shadows were couples talking privately...Very romantic scene, with the soft sounds of a flute and guitar urging the dancers on....I really didn't want to leave.[;)]

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