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  1. Hi All,

    Seen this topic come up a few times..

    James posted my bike to Bangkok today from the post office in Ubon.

    What happens:-

    - Give the address (I had it written in Thai to make it easy)
    - Rock up with bike and gear
    - Pay 1,800 baht for the bike..
    - The gear was around 800 baht may be a little more (Boots, body armour and riding bag)
    - James signed a form twice.
    - Takes 7 days Ubon to Bangkok
    - Pick up at the post office (Both bike and gear as large)

    In my case this is good as they will send to the post office 300 metres up the road :)

    Few snaps James took:-



    Lets hope I get the bike and not the fridge to ride home...

    Happy go lucky post office staff.

    To be continued once the bike arrives in Bangkok....

  2. Did that a few times and was really happy ith the postal service.
  3. Done the same thing a couple of years ago, Samui to CNX.
    1 week, bht4500. (max 400cc.. I lied!)
    My bike then was a GS650 BMW.
    I took the screen, mirrors off.
    I wrapped the above and taped to seat.
    Left it in neutral with no key.
    The post office obviously just pushed it around (at least in reverse) by pushing on headlight.

    I also got a standup paddle board delivered from Phuket to Cha-am.
    It was well packaged by the supplier, however Thai Post loaded everything on top, even with a fragile sticker in english and Thai.
    So much damage, Thai Post refunded the full cost of board bht30,000. It took 8 weeks to get the insurance.

    I have heard of some awful damage done to big bikes and sports equipment by Thai Post. Better to use a good trucking company.

    I believe there is a post on gt rider about a kawasaki damaged by Thai Post. The owner left the keys in it.

  4. G'day Tom,

    Believe that was Tony's post.. re damaged bike.

    James sent me the key via EMS in a separate envelope ;-)

    I would not post a big bike I don't think.. But the KLX will take the risk.

    Lot more rough treatment on the trails and crashes..

    The mirrors are 200 baht cheapies I picked up in Lao as I left the mirrors off but then decided I needed some for the bigger tracks.

    Good the insurance paid out for you.. great news indeed.

  5. ^ Yeah, I bought an ER6n off a mate and he mailed it to Bangkok via Thailand Logispost and it got badly damaged on the way. Unfortunately insurance on the bike had expired and no insurance was purchased from Thai Logispost, so they were only on the hook for 2000 baht and the seller ate the rest...

    So, caveat emptor, it's a convenient service and I wouldn't hesitate to mail my dirt bike, but for road bikes I just prefer to ride and avoid the possibility of damage.

    ps. Same goes for sending bikes by train.
  6. I certainly didn't expect to be posting a reply ending this report today.

    Bike was dropped off on Saturday by the Ubon Shogun (James).
    Received a call at 11am Tuesday from the post office to collect the trusty KLX.

    Did a dash at lunch time.. stopped home, helmet and gloves. The post office is 400 metres up the road.

    They knew who I was straight away and all smiles.

    Show some ID.. Which I had to go back home and get (Sigh)

    Sign the book with barcode, then sign a device electronically.

    Out the back... (Sorting the mail)


    Find the key...

    Hand over the bike.. All in good order..
    There are so many scratches and scuffs from all the GT-Sliders I wouldn't have noticed any whack or scrape anyway.


    When I took off I was on empty. Fuel light flashing.. That was not the case when I left Ubon..
    Either for safety or they pinched the fuel the tank was drained..

    The train they don't care.. Post office may be stricter ?

    Job done..

    The boxes with all my gear arrived and waiting for me at home on Monday!!.
    Initially told I would need to pick these up.. But I guess as so close by they just dropped them off.

    In summary:-

    Cheap, effective fast, would use the service again with the KLX.
    Hearing of all the other reports.. Only use the service for a road bike if I really had no other option.
    Also opens up new avenues for exploring where there is no train service.
    No need to show Green book and other nonsense. Just some ID both ends

    I would still use the train as you can just pick up the bike and go.. No worries about office hours.

    Cheers and hope this is of use to others that wondered and contemplated posting their bike.

  7. G'day All,

    Time for an update on this post.

    Today we sent a few bikes via Thai post. (One more to go)

    Nice drive in service

    Not so nice price increases.. If I understood correctly, they created a big bike category with prevailing price increases on Oct 28th..
    Seems like big bikes have nearly doubled in price to post.

    4,020 Baht for 1 KLX up north..

    When I showed shock and amazement. He had that look of here I go again, and showed me all the official paper work with rates.

    The staff were very friendly at the local post office..

  8. But Brian, you're bike is 250cc and you say they charged you 4020 baht... I think they made a mistake and charged you the >400cc price... :oops:
  9. The line above is small bike up to 400cc.. go figure..

    Could be interpretation.. But the guy was adamant he also bought out a bunch of other docs with dates for the reglation.
    Changes since Oct 28th if I remember correctly.

    No pay, no send.. we had to get the bikes on the way.
    Will ask a Thai friend to read this and speak with the post office. But do believe it was legit and he was not confused.
    Unless the guidelines are confusing which is highly likely.

  10. For riders who do not have to turn around every THB & Satang and can chip out a little more I used via Pistonshop:

    The Pha Daeng Mansion DOT com/

    They used to run a closed, locked pick-up with my T-Max from HKT to Bangkok (had their emplyees stay one night in a cheaper HKT Hotel for safety) and then a closed 10 wheeler from BKK to CNX, bike was bubblewrapped, not even one scratch, no petrol missing, no broken keys or even one bolt missing. They even gave back the rego copies and Nut's ID copy as they have to have this in case of a BiB check on the roads.
    I/our customers use this company alterating with Schenker, K&N and DHL for deliveries ww (price & weight depending, port and transit times) and never had a negative experience !! T-Max was a door to door delivery, nobody had to lift a finger at all.
    But costs HKT to CNX were much more some of you might be willing to chip out, for me it was really worth the cash paid (for anyone interested send me a PM but I will not post the amount, only genuine inquiries not nosey requests of 'want to know').
    On a personal note, I would never post with the Thai Post or Railways, nor with some Khee-Nok companies, it simply isn't worth the trouble some others have already experienced (maybe an old, battered Mio or Spark I would.......):D
    Cheers, Franz
  11. One more comment about my previous reply. Of course I understand that any bike that's getting battered in the woods such as KLX or CBF it would not matter to have one more scratch. Neither would I chip out too much money for a cheapie (< 150k THB). But for a bike that is bought for several hundred thousand THB I would not understand a freight service as cheap as possible. Here I would apply: better be safe than sorry.........anyway, transport up to CNX is plentiful and good as all the trucks running Baan Tawai/Chomthong to Jatujak are usually full on CNX-BKK with goodies for the souvenir market but nearly empty once returning, they are very happy once they get at least the diesel costs back on their tour BKK-CNX. They cannot transport goods such as fruits or veggies as inside the "Dtoo" it's getting too hot during daytime. People interested only need to go to Baan Tawai and ask in the shipping companies found there plentiful if they themselves have their own 6 or 10 wheeler or can recommend some other company. Rgds, Franz

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