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  1. For people having trouble posting text & encountering format problems, such as


    Please advise whether  you are using a Mac or PC

    Are you copying & pasting with the text already formatted

    Are you typing direct into the forum with Visual or Text button ticked

    We are working to understand the problem people are encountering, but with many variables, it is difficult if we don't have a screen shot of what you are doing.

    Thanks for your patience & response.
  2. I use a Mac with out that problem. Also copied some text and image links from one post to another. No problem either. Using safari.

    Hope that removes some variables.
  3. I forget is it just on posts or post-editing posts or replies .. lets try this

    ETS: Yes i'm typing and not cut'n'paste

    Aha .. I see now, i was in visual mode, If you enter text mode, it works.

    But the underline tag doesnt work

    Awsome, I will go back and reformat my recent posts.

    Another bug is the post number hyperlink, it just links to the original post not the individual post
  4. kchow24

    7th September 2015 at 9:57 pm #258557

    <span data-dobid=”hdw”>Great trip and report.</span>

    <span data-dobid=”hdw”>S

    What browser are you using - Mac or PC?
    Did you copy & paste from something?
    Or did you type straight into the forum?
    Did you use  the Visual edit or the Text edit?

    Thanks for any feedback.
  5. <p>Posted from my iPad using Safari in Text mode</p><p>The same in Visual mode</p><p> </p><p> </p>
  6. Typing in Windows 8 and Google Chrome in Text mode
  7. <p><p><p>Using W10 and Chrome</p><p>writing text directly (with line feeds were needed) and inserting the picture's URL in "insert image"</p><p>= works fine, can edit the text and the image (i.e caption)</p><p> </p><p>Inserting a formatted text  (from Evernote, Wordpad or plein text): </p><p>at one occurrence the text was OK at first ... then became "compact" and with <P> after editing</p><p>This occurred in the main thread section!</p><p> </p><p>All other test (made in " answer" this time),  the text became compact at first insertion, without any possibility to get it formatted, what ever I tried.</p><p> </p><p>Pictures inserted with BBcodes show up in the post, but not during editing (URL only). They can not be "updated" (i.e. with captions).  Strangely, pictures inserted in former posts (some trimes ago), with the same BBcodes CAN be edited.</p></p><p>This time, even written directly ... the text looses it's formating. Could there be a difference/ problem between main thread post and answers?</p></p><p> </p><p>PS - the "Visual" and "Text" buttons do not react in "answers" </p>
  8. Test with "Internet Explorer" (Edge) (onW10) is OK for formatting with direct text or cut and paste ... thus the problem seems to be when using CHROME (same problem occurred on Apple).

    Only one remaining point. On old posts, pictures uploaded with BBcodes are visualized and can be corrected (include tags or captions). With these recent postings, this is not he case, the picture is not visualized and can not be updated. I will continue testing if there is a difference between main post and answers.

    Other positive point for Visual and Tet buttons work on IE this was not the cas on answers with Chrome.

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