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  1. Headed off to Nan through Phayao to have a look at some of the famed roads around the East and South of Nan and there there were no disappointments. Some road works on the 1081 heading to Klua made the going a bit tough for a while and washed away parts of the 1081 going to Ngom Pao keeps you on your toes but other than that, what fantastic roads and views.
    Stopped for a visit to the temple on the lake in Phayao guided by a boatman who, I am sure, is Ray Charles Thai brother
    Out at the temple, I discovered how to keep boats in good health when they are not being used
    Headed off to Nan on the 1251. Lovely stuff
    and the harvest is in full swing
    with stunning scenery all around
    Stopped for lunch at Ban Sa and this noodle lady was really happy. 'I see many farangs on bikes passing by but they have never stopped at my restaurant. You are the first'.
    Good grub too
    Took a look at Wat Khao Noi in Nan. Great views all around
    and a very high Nan river
    The 1243 is a ripper
    with again wonderful scenery all around
    We stayed at the Sasidara Resort in Nan which was 1000 baht p/n with breakfast. Very nice place indeed
    Going up the 1169 surrounded by mountains, so fabulous views
    Stopped in Klua where there is now a coffee shop. Bit bright for my taste but you cant miss it
    Kids fishing with masks and spears on the way to Ngom Pao on the 1081
    On the 1162 we stopped for lunch at the national park. Must have been a big flood to get those boats all the way up there
    Many good views of the Nan river along the way
    and yet still, the roads were sheer joy to ride
    Spent the night at Sirikit Reservoir. Early evening beers and a splendid view over the reservoir
    and if you have a spare hydro electric turbine hanging around in your garage, it can be put to good use in the middle of a roundabout. Its only a bit of brass afterall
    On the way home to Chiang Mai via Uttaradit the, 1045 must have been built by the Romans. Dead straight for kilometer after kilometer but the roadworks on route 11 after Uttaradit up to Den Chai are a nightmare on a bike. If you are going that way, take another route however far out of your way it takes you. Didnt take any pictures of that. Far too grumpy! :take-that:
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  4. Nice one. Beautiful photography. :thumbup:
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  7. Great photos Ron
  8. That's a great picture of the noodle lady :thumbup:
  9. By the way, and I forgot to mention, that at Dok Kham Tai, at the end of a straight piece of road heading to Nan just out of Phayao, there was some blokes in casual dress sitting on the side of the road behind a battered old red pick up truck with a camera pointing down the road towards the traffic. In the town there was the local constabulary pulling people over. As I didnt get stopped I cant confirm one was attached to the other but might be worth watching out for.

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