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  1. I bought a bike with green book and tried to change ownership at the DoT. The seller supplied all copies of PP, visa, work permit and much more, and at the DoT they picked the ones they needed, but told me that I need a paper that states the seller's consent to change the title ([power of attorney).
    This was when I went for the second time, the first time they told me that I couldn't change the title in Songkhla City because the seller lives in Hat Yai. It took quite some time and some phone calls to convince the supervisor that it's possible, and by the time he said "just for this one time" it was too late to get the paperwork done that day.
    I contacted the seller who told me to simply sign his name on the paper. He "does not have the time" to go and get the necessary form, but I don't want to take that shortcut. I paid him in full when I took bike and book because I didn't expect any problems at the DoT, so he's not very motivated.
    No big deal, but I already took two half days off, I don't want to have to take off again to get the form, then have it signed and go for a fourth time!
    Long story short, does anybody know how this form looks and - I know it's a long shot - could email me a scan of it? I could forward the scan to the seller to print ad sign, then pick it up and change title on the same day.
    Help is appreciated!
  2. I got the "power of attorney" form on file, if anybody needs it, send me a PM.
  3. A bit late for me, yes, but it'll be of help to lots of others, I hope.

    If I would've found it earlier it would've saved me half a day off work!

    Often people give the buyer signed copies of PP and forget that if they are not present at the transfer, this form is needed.

    Don't know why - if someone has the green book and signed copies of the PP, why is a POA form necessary? Thai bureaucracy!

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