Price Check on XR250, Serow

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  1. What's a fair price (from a small shop, not private sale) for these bikes in Chiang Mai?

    -No green book/no plate
    -Tax not included
    -Good condition (as in everything works, suspension is good, wear items in decent shape, no unresolved mechanical issues at all)

    I'm looking at...

    1. 1996-On Honda XR250 (redesigned frame, dry sump, e-start)
    2. Pre-1996 Honda XR250 (the old frame, wet sump, kick)
    3. Yamaha Serow (any year in very good condition)
  2. that is impossible in los with a second hand bike (really thats way the world over)imo when i buy second hand i expect to spend more and calculate this into the price.

    they wont be paying tax so neither should you.

    but based on what you've stated it could range from 50k to 100k bht
    possibly more as its a shop

    really hard to put a definite figure down.
  3. The bikes are coming direct from Japan so I think mechanically they should be OK. The tax I refer to is the excise tax that I would prefer to pay so my bike isn't confiscated. Thanks for trying.
  4. okay

    2 types of tax

    one, how most are imported is 30%, bike in parts and "repaired" once on thai soil.

    other, bike imported complete, not sure on the tax rate but its over 100% so i believe

    this, obviously has a bearing on the price

    assuming it the former
    prices should be from 50k to 100k max, if more you may aswell buy a s/h local full legal klx250.
    which is probably a better option anyway, they aren't as powerful as the hondas
    but parts and hop ups are easy

    you must get those original tax receipts
    (and you will still have to spend more on a s/h bike no matter where it comes from)


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