Pro Supercross/Motocross Races?

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  1. I am trying to find emails, contacts, names, etc. for teams or promotors of the Pro Supercross series or Motocross events anywhere in Thailand, I have heard of the Top Gear SX series, but cant find a contact for it?

    I am from USA, wanting to come there and do some racing, race Pro here, have competed in Europe several times as well as AMA SX here in US.

    Well hey any help would be awesome, would like to come there and race for a team in that series, or something like that.

    Ok thanks.

    Michael Heingartner
    email - [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Hey just thought I would post on here again, I have not received any responses to any information on the Supercross series and motocross races in Thailand, or if I could get any information on some bike shops that sell MX bikes that would sponsor a rider to race, I keep finding myself at dead ends trying to get information, I would like to come see Thailand and race some while there.

    Well hey any help would be awesome.


    Michael Heingartner
    Avilla, Indiana, USA.
  3. Mike,

    Big style racing (or at least, info in English) is pretty thin on the ground here. Most of the guys participating on this board spend their time riding on and offroad in S.E Asia and enjoying all that the area has to offer. For sure there are a lot of race fans within the community, but we have to get our fix from the TV if we want to watch the Pros.

    If you do decide to visit, you will not be disappointed, because as you will know by looking at the various posts here, we manage to have a hell of a time biking, drinking and laughing in this magnificent corner of the world. Come and join [:D].


  4. Mike,

    The MX racing is pretty thin over here compared to the states. You won't see any 18 wheeler rigs pulling into the pits at all. Usually just a bunch of guys pulling their bikes from the back of pickups.

    I went and saw the equivelent of a stateside AMA national race over here and it was nothing special. If you're looking for sponsorship it may be pretty awkward. If you'd just like to borrow a bike to ride in a race you may have better luck.

    In Chiang Mai the shop that sells MX bikes is: Chiang Mai motocross

    I believe the shop is listed under recommended MC shops on the home page.
  5. Ok thanks for that info, I will check out that shop, yeah I know its not near as big over there, I just wanted to check it out, I have raced in a few other countries and would like to see Thailand too, and from what I have heard there are some half-way decent riders there too, so I figured it would be fun competition to come and race a Pro Supercross there.

    Ok thanks.

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