Problem Installing TM33 Carb On FI KLX250S

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by djimi, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I am in the process of modifying my 2011 KLX250S FI Version from Thailand by installing a Bill Blue 331cc Big Bore Kit and the Mikuni TM33 which he supplies bored to 34mm. After removing the FI unit, it seems the TM33 does not fit right with some gap. Anyone got a solution to this problem, i know there are many here who have converted from FI to Carb without problems, so i hope someone can help me out. Is there a bracket which i need to install to mount the carb? Referring to the photo, the problem area is highlighted in red circle, one side the diameter is 42mm and the other side the diamter is 50mm, so the carb doesnt fit the cylinder head. anyone who installed a TM33 faced this same problem? Is there an adapter or holder that can solve this problem?

  2. Have you tried asking on Thumpertalk.
  3. Is there an alloy flange on the end of the mikuni?
    Do you have the intake boot for the klx300?
    Thats how mine used to fit iirc
    Dont know more without seeing your picture
  4. Hmmm, so, obviously the clamps aren't installed. What else seems to be the problem? Diameter of carb doesn't match diameter of intake? My Mikuni came with a plastic "ring" that made it a perfect fit. Maybe it was missing in the OP's kit? Just guessing, not a lot to go on in that pic...
  5. hi, thanks for your feedbacks, sorry if the picture had problems or it wasnt clear. the problem i have is fitting the mikuni carb to the cylinder head intake. i assume the carb holder is different and someone on kawasaki forums advised me to get the carb holder similar to the carb model because there is a difference in part number 16065-0045 for the EFI and 16065-1283 for the carb model. Now the carb will fit the carb holder but the carb holder doesnt fit the cylinder head because the screw slot position is different. refer this photo :

    tony, i will check if there is a plastic ring, but the difference between the diameter of the carb and the intake is quite big, the carb diameter is 8mm smaller, so im not sure if that plastic ring will solve the problem.

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