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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by tropicaljohno, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. tropicaljohno

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    For those not read the news, the earthquake in Taiwan has severed the undersea internet cable that comes to Thailand via HongKong etc.

    So be prepared for severe disruptions of internet service for the next couple of weeks. Presume this means those members not living in LOS will have trouble getting on at times.

    Just thought everyone should know about this especially if someone is waiting on replies from the guys.


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  3. Fiddy

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    I'm in Taiwan now, I was sitting outside at a pub when the quake hit and my bike was a rocking on its sidestand, I jumped up and steadied it. Cellphone was down for a bit, but still have the net.
  4. tropicaljohno

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    Would you mind getting your mask and snorkle on and fixing problem for us as per notice below, will be much appreciated.

    Dear Valued Subscribers,

    CS LoxInfo would like to inform you that International circuit has currently degraded
    due to the leak in submarine cable which is caused by earthquake in Taiwan occurring
    since 03:00 a.m. of December 27, 2006 until the present time.
  5. Fiddy

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    I'm training one of those Gallapogas Island (sp.) sea-going Iguannas to dive down and check her out.
  6. harrythefinn

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    I happen to work on one of the cable ships in Taiwan that do the repairs so you shouldn't expect the cables to be repaired in less than 2 weeks. Just getting to the site and getting the cable can take a week. If it's deep the only way to get it is the old grappling method ie. pull 5kms of rope behind with some chain and a grapple and hope you catch it, each run can take 24 hours.
    So talk of a few days it getting better is by re-routing the traffic via other cables.
  7. SuziQ

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    Yahoo has been impossible to access since yesterday. Not so bad with other sites.
  8. tropicaljohno

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    O.K. Harry we all wait with baited breath to get us all back on the WWW as soon as you can, so no good me sending you a spare set of flippers then
  9. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer


    If you get the job of fixing them, you had best take a packed lunch with you as there are 4 cables broken.

    Dear Valued Subscribers,

    With reference to our announcement regarding International circuit degradation due to the leak in submarine cable which has caused by earthquake in Taiwan, we are informed by CAT Telecom that 4 submarine cables in Pacific Ocean which connect from Thailand to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and United States have been damaged from this incident.

    In handling with the effect of this incident, CAT increases the bandwidth capacity through India Ocean for the internet access in the submarine cable connecting from Thailand to Europe for 600 Mbps. on Thursday – 28th December 2006. As a result, the difficulty in using internet has been improved.

    According to this incident, CAT is currently coordinating with International Telco in order to provide alternative circuit and follow up the 4-submarine cable maintenance. CAT expected that cables will be fully recovered by the mid of January, 2007.

    Furthermore, CAT is in the process to provide a backup route and expand the circuit in order to support the use of internet users in Thailand. At the same time, CS LoxInfo starts to gain more bandwidth back from Singapore – Thailand circuit.

    However, the customers will still experience slow speed when accessing some international network or unable to access some destinations. The situation is expected to improve respectively after this New Year season.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and will update you on the progress this incident accordingly.

    If there is any updated information, we will inform you accordingly.

    Thank you for your kind understanding on this matter
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  11. harrythefinn

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    I was told 6 cables are broken, luckily I'm on off shift at home and my oppo is out there, he says our vessel has 3 repairs to do ie. 3 of the cables. Other companies have responsibility for the remaining 3 , I know the Tyco vessel is also out.There are only 2 standby vessels in Taiwan at Keelung, others in the PI , Singapore, Shanghai and the Koreans and Japanese have their own. Sounds more like 3 weeks or more to me.

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