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  1. As I now have ordere a bit more serious bike and will be making longer tours in Thailand I thought it will be a good idea to buy some cloths to protect myself against encounters with the road-surface or other unpleasant things.

    So as I was in BKK yesterday anyway I did visit Paddock (and yeah what is the older Chinese lady unfriendly) and had a look around. There are some things I do not understand.

    First of all the price difference of type of jackets that look the same to me. Chinese copies? I see example "Shoei" jackets from different manufactures.

    Then the different kind of jackets. In Europe it would be a simple choice for me ... full leather. But that will be bloody hot here. So you see the "cool" mash jackets with protecting pad's in it. I think those protecting pas's are very uncomfortable (and at your back probably sweaty als). And it's all polyster which will burn when sliding over the tarmac. It looks nice and it will not be bloody hot but I have the feeling that it actually also does not protect so much.

    I saw a nice combi of mash-polyster and leather (Speedi or something like that), with a winter-inner part that can be taken out (and probably will never be used here in Thailand).

    So what are your idea's about jackets for on the bike?

    I am even condidering just to buy a normal "fashion" leather jacket (although I just show a "leather" jacket at Central that was made of polyster an looks like leather and it was from a European brand name).

    Might also have to upgrade my helmet as that Real (open-face) helmet that I have now is nice for city ride but graps a lot of wind and dust.

    Chang Noi
  2. Dainese Air-2 Textile jacket. Probably the coolest (Heat and Looks) you can be with some added protection.
  3. "Might also have to upgrade my helmet as that Real (open-face) helmet that I have now is nice for city ride but graps a lot of wind and dust."

    Good idea! I even ride my Honda Wave with a full face helmet. Open ("jet helmets") are more practical but leave your face unprotected. Just imagine you hit something even at slow speed and your head goes forward and down - you'll have your visor as the only protection, and that ain't much!
    And as you already mentioned, the faster you go, the more the jet helmet will pull on its strap under your chin!
    If you buy a full face helmet, push it back when you try it on to make sure it's not uncomfortable on your forehead - that's where a lot of pressure goes at higher speeds.
    I've read an interesting helmet test a while back and some simple no brand $150 helmets performed as well as some very expensive top-brand ones. The expensive ones didn't offer more protection but were better made, more comfortable, had better graphics and will probably last longer.
  4. Helmet - I'd recommend a SparX. 4,000 Baht in CM, with a performance that's very close to a 20k Baht Arai/Shoei. Great helmet! Also has a western head shape, as opposed to the Japanese brands.

    Jacket - yeah Mesh is great and keeps you cool. The very cheap ones are most certainly copies. The real ones cost around 4k baht and up. I am looking for one myself at the moment, actually.
  5. Nikster, I just bought a very nice (original) Shift Backdraft mesh jacket from for 4590baht which is the same as it is in America ($150), it was on sale from 5600baht but they had others too.

    email address is [email protected] and her name is Nit

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