Protective gear for the wife

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  1. Hi All,

    my wife is used to taking motorcycle taxis daily, often sitting with both feet to one side :? Getting her to wear protective leather won't be easy.

    How do you guys handle this?

    Touring two up might be fun - and she can ride herself if she prefers that.

    May I ask, have you had such issues and how did you overcome them?

  2. To get mine to wear anything but helmet on scooter or motorbike taxi is impossible.

    When she ride with me she wears helmet, gloves, vented pants, mesh jacket and boots. How did I do that... Well let her choose the stuff what she thought looked good, then explain what it would cost in Thailand showing her the tag in Paddocks for similar stuff, made her wear it with pride.

    Now the other women comment how smart the stuff looks on her, and when she (thai style) tell them how expensive this is they look at her in awe... You have good husband take care you so good...

    So problem solved, playing the female ego...
  3. Bard,

    You are a star mate. Playing the "face" card to the best advantage.


  4. pillow.

    1. Try to find something somewhat "femine looking". Mesh jackets, not leather.

    2. "Wear it or stay home!" works when all else fails, although it is usually a very quiet :twisted: ride after I use that one. :wink:
  5. You didn't say if that was a good or a bad thing :D
  6. Thanks Pikey, after all these years with the face against me I figured out to use in in my favor :D

    Will be home tomorrow for 5 days and stay glued to my bike, then back out for 2 months however after I will ride for 3 - 4 months and hope to come and see as many as I can of you.

    So hope to meet up in the best riding season with you for a ride and a beer pikey.
  7. Hehe, its all about looks first and safety second with the women. My wife started pillioning with me several years ago and started with an old used jacket , a crappy old helmet and some spare gloves. She wore her good leather boots with stilleto heels. Thats where I made my first and biggest mistake ! Over a relatively short period of time she learnt more about riding gear and now wears all the good stuff,white leather Alpinestar jacket , Sidi boots, Shoei helmet, Rs taichi riding pants, even the pouch is fully waterproof and has to match the rest. Cripes, even I dont have the heart to spend that sort of $ on myself. Then all of a sudden she decided she didnt want to pillion with me anymore and wanted her own bike. Now several years later , I have to buy 2 of bloody everything , Bikes, gear,insurance,maintenance,registration,fuel etc. And to make matters worse ,she wants to go on every ride with me ! Sob,sob, no more sneaking away for a boys weekend away :cry:
  8. Mate, if it is all too much for you, I am sure there are a few guys here who would gladly take her off your hands... she sounds pretty close to perfect to me :) ...

  9. Daewoo, thanks for the offer but as costly as she is , shes all mine and in all honesty I think its pretty cool to see a lady riding a big bike.
    Just out of curiosity are there many women doing the same ? She'd luv to meet up with some if there are
  10. To whom it may concern: my initial approach - buying used gear on eBay - is a no no. Maybe I should start looking for "Hello Kitty" gear :p

    Thanks for excellent suggestions!

  11. I've been riding mostly around Bangkok for a few years now, still haven't seen a female big-bike rider here.
    However he have a female Stormtrooper in the StarWars fanclub ! :)

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