Qatar MotoGP Round 1

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  1. MotoGP 2009 Round One Qatar

    The first race is on late tonight.
    Midnight: 125cc
    1.15 AM: 250s
    3.00 AM: MotoGP

    There's a good chance you can watch it at the Kafe, as I've been in there late until 3.00 AM the last 2 nights, but it will depend on the staff & how tired they are a day's water throwing & drinking. If it comes off ok & they agree to let us stay till late, please make sure you drop a red note in the tip box.
  2. David did you enjoy the rain.

  3. Nah, didn't enjoy the rain that much, but the whisky was alright. Suppose I will have to try again tonight. :lol: Worth staying up, well... :roll:
  4. Thai time. As posted on the motogp website.
  5. No whiskey fastest race I ever saw finished in four laps. I think I will wait for the rerun :lol:
  6. interesting race ..well done casey and ducati...but The Doctor will come good soon.

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