Quality of Fuel in Cambodia?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by monsterman, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. monsterman

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    whats the current availability of fuel on main highways in Cambodia and whats available now and what quality. Is 95 available.
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  3. cdrw

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    Not a problem.
    CalTex stations (Chevron owned) have 95 leaded (Gold label), Shell and other stations also have 95 leaded.

    Even many of the little shops that have liter bottles of gas for sale have 95-octane....even in the small villages.

    However, gasoline is more expensive than in Thailand. If you're entering Cambo at Ban Hat Lek/Koh Kong, I suggest filling up at either the Shell or PTT stations in Klong Yai, which is about 10-km before the border. That'll save you a few Riel!
  4. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    I plan Hat Lek to Sianoukville ,I was told that there is no gas for 250km ?

    true or false?
  5. harrythefinn

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    False. Fuel available at every bridge crossing and village. It won't be a petrol stations as such, maybe a roadside stand with coke bottles full of fue, but there is fuel. Even if you cannot see any , just ask anyone(universal sign language, finger pointing at the fuel tank) on the road and they will point to the nearest petrol. May not be the best quality. As said in a previous post use Caltex, Tella or similar pumps at the main towns for 95.
  6. Bert on the bike

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    I have the same experience as Harry. The distance between houses where you can get fuel is never more then 10 km unless you go in the deep jungle (and even there 1 in 4 houses will have fuel for sale)

    The fuel is 91 benzeen most of the time (red color) but you also find 95 now (yellow color). The fuel is in coke or wiskey bottles. I have used it many times in my XLR and never had any problems with it.
  7. monsterman

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    I wont be taking the Ducati into the jungle and will carry a bottle of Octane booster as it will not run well on 91 if i have to use some.
  8. cdrw

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    Sounds like Monsterman is experiencing high anxiety about his upcoming jaunt to Snooky! It's a piece of cake.

    The only area you will have any distances between small villages or roadside stands which can provide fuel, will be as you are crossing the Cardamom mountains. At most, the longest stretch will be maybe 30-km between finding gas...and you'll love the road.
    It's only 140-km on Hwy-48 from KKong to Hwy-4 (the main NS road from Sihanoukville to PPenh). I've ridden the road maybe 2-dozen times, both before and since it has been paved. You will _not_ have ANY problems with gas or traffic on 48, but do be _very_ careful/cautious on Hwy-4, as some Khmer drivers emulate kamikaze pilots!

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