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Mar 16, 2005
Hello everybody !!!

As I am planning to organize one month road trip in Laos (north and south) from mid september to mid october of this year, I am wondering about the weather conditions that I may encounter...

We will be two french riders and we will travel on 250 Baja (certainly rent in Vientiane). Our motorcycle experience is not very long but solid. We both practise motorcross.

Of course, weather is not a true science... I read many reports, for example Davidfl began his Laos adventure 2004 the 26 of sept and did not see too much rain instead of other riders who were riding at the same period and encountered lots of rain.

I know I will do my road trip at the end of the rainy season, that is not so bad after all if I want to take a boat and see the rice fields with a nice and flashy green colour...

But as I am trying now to schedule approx day after day my trip, I need to know if I must definitely avoid some regions (like Phongsali) or some roads. As everybody know, rainy days can easily extend travel time so I dont want to be too optimistic on our performance... And this is supposed to be holidays, not Paris-Dakar...

So, if you can give me some advices about the weather at this period and the roads conditions, it would be really great !!!

I wait for your advices,




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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Check out the weather info at
The wet season info applies to Laos.
Basically if it rains you get wet, if it is heavy rain then you will get very wet with the riding difficult to very difficult, depending on the road surface & steepness at the time.
You will never know until you get there, and then a lot of it will depend on the weather pattern for the few days / week that you are in that particular area.
You can also follow the satellite weather photo at
to get a rough idea of what you could expect for the next few days /week.

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