Question regarding the Schools run by the Border Patrol

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  1. brian_bkk

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    Hi All,

    As many of you know Alan's Charity Ride for the school was a huge success.

    While at the school were were chatting and wondering how the Border Patrol end up taking care of the schooling.
    Also, the border is some distance away.

    We were speculating about the old days regarding lack of gov't control in these area up to the 1970's 80's ??

    May be some of the veteran GT-Riders know the answer to this?




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  3. brian_bkk

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    So far I have been told:-

    1. Thai Yai. Not sure of my spelling. But it means they are not Thai. Burmear, Laotion etc may be minority group.

    2. They just live to far from the state school and the border control police look after the schooling.

    Will ask in my office too and see if the same or other reasons.

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    I can't give a definitive answer on this either. I can tell you that Thai Yai refer to people from the Shan State of Burma. This school was mostly Karen children.

    The Thai Border Patrol Police previously supplied Chiang Mai Toyride with a list showing 13 Northern Schools that are considered Border Police schools. CMTR conducted an event at their school near Phrao, which certainly is not close to the border. Some schools are located near Mae Taeng, Mae Chaem and Chiang Dao. Others are closer to the border.

    Every 5 years, the crown princess visits these schools and awards scholarships to select children and contributes to the schools. I have visited 5 of these schools, and for the most part they in relatively good shape and seem to have dedicated staff.

    Hogheads wife, Khun Sirirat, is our main contact. Perhaps he can get some more details.

    As shown at our last two events, the Border Patrol Police are a great group and truly care for these children. It was a pleasure working with them and contributed to the success of these events.
  5. SilverhawkUSA

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  6. brian_bkk

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    Hi All,

    Also had an email from Auke early this morning in response to this post.

    Link below.

    Choui Fong Tea.

  7. brian_bkk

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    Hi Silverhawk,

    Google certainly is our friend.. Besides yours and Auke's links that came up.

    Some interesting facts in Wikipedia.
    In order to carry out its primary intelligence mission, the BPP operates numerous civic action programs to cultivate and maintain rapport with remote area villagers and hill tribes. They have built and operate numerous schools in remote areas and helping the army to construct offices for civilian administration, they also operate rural medical aid stations, gave farmers agricultural assistance, and built small airstrips for communication and transportation purposes.

    As well as this school project about the Border Patrol Police (in English).

    In an attempt to raise public awareness about border patrol police, Weerawaroon (Queen) Mavichak, one of our grade 11 students, produced a video to show the hardships these officers face. In the clip, named "The Life of Thai Border Patrol Police: What You Might Not Know," which she uploaded on her YouTube channel, Queen translated a Thai song written in honor of the police combined together with still and motion pictures of the officers. The video has been received with tremendous community support throughout Thailand.

    Quite a diverse role and some interesting facts regarding the CIA assistance in the 50's

  8. Johpa

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    These Border Patrol (BPP) schools have been around for awhile, wherever the government feels it is still too dangerous to have a regular school, or perhaps where they want the government presence felt more strongly. Our well known Lisu headman Laota, his namesake village has long had a BPP school. Closer to Chiang Mai, the school up at Nong Hoi, just down from the Mon Chaem resort use to be a BPP school. So whenever you get far away from a kamnaan or a local Tambon development office, not to mention an all weather road, you may find a BPP school.

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