Apr 10, 2006
Whilst thinking about touring out in the middle of nowhere the other day I thought of something that I'm not too sure what the right answer should be.

If your riding a bike with at least 2 cylinders and 1 cylinder stops firing due to an ignition problem that you cannot rectify on the spot is it ok to limp to somewhere you can get it sorted.

My instant reaction is yes but then I started to think about all that fuel that will be exited out unburnt into the exhaust where it could build up and possibly ignite.

You could stop the flow of fuel to the nonfiring cylinder if it has its own carb but maybe that could cause it to seize, shouldnt do on a 4 stroke but who knows. If it shares a carb for more than 1 cylinder you cant block fuel going to the dud cylinder anyway.

If the bike is a 2 stroke I guess it needs fuel in the cylinder to mix with the 2T oil that is pumped in, if it was an old 2 stroke without autolube the 2T oil is mixed with the fuel so it definitely will seize if the fuel is turned off.

Anyone have an opinion ?


Aug 30, 2006
it would be a fine mist existing the exhaust but wouldn't ignite as the head and exhaust would be cold, mulicylinder engines will run without all cyls. firing

hydrostatic lock-up is another story