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  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm in Luang Prabang with a bunch of friends, after a cracking ride from Huay Xai, Luang Namtha, Udom Xai, taking in Muang Sing, Muang La and Nong Khiew.

    Had a bit of a change of plan.
    When we crossed into Laos we told Thai Customs we would return to Thailand in NongKhai, but we would actually like to cross back at Muang Ngern to Huay Kon, Nan province.

    1. Can you cross this border back into Thailand?
    2. Is this a problem?, as customs expect us to go back in at Nongkhai. I dont think so, as we did something similar a year and a half ago, but I believe we may need to send our import papers to Nongkhai, after getting back into Thailand.
    3. This would mean going down road 4 and crossing the Khong at Tha Duen and heading down to Xayabury before coming back up to Hongsa. Is the ferry there able to take our support pick-up truck back across the Khong at Tha Duen?

    Thanks for your help guys. Road report to follow later.

    Best wishes
  2. Are you still in Luang Prabang? I am just home from Laos :)! The border in Muang Ngern is a wonderfull passage, actually my prefered. You hae no problem to cros it and Thai officials are nice. I do not think that they will make a problem if you come through another entry point. I already have done it, no questions asked.

    I do not drive Hongsa on my Versys but the road around it, through Pak Beng, is great (minus 80 km Pak Mong-Oudom Xai). Others, like Rex have recently passed the shortcut and you should be OK on a KLX. Dust might be a problem. Cheers and see you soon. Jurgen
  3. Ian should be no problem to exit / enter from another port other than the one designated. I do it quite often & whilst they sometimes question why you are not using the one nominated on the form, they have never refused to let me go.
  4. Hi Jurgen,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, still in LP, but leaving in the morning. I think we are sorted. We'll head for Meung Ngern. I found some pics of the Tha Deun ferry crossing on Google Earth and it looks fine for pick-ups.
    The dust road from Hongsa to LP, I'll be doing a few weeks on the KLX, no probs, I'm used to dust. Saw a guy here today pass on a dirt bike, rider and bike covered in the stuff, must have just crossed the river from that trail.

    See you
  5. David,

    Thanks for that. Sounds like no drama. Report to follow later.


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