Quick inquiry: Tires for crf250m?

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  1. I have a couple of days off and went to Phuket to get me a set of Pirelli Diablo II for my CRF250M, but they're either discontinued or on back order, two months.
    I need 110/70/17 F and 140/70/17 R but even 150s were not available, not that I'd go for a 150 anyways. Their charts didn't even show a 140.
    But there are Michelin Street Radials available for 6K installed.
    I don't know much about that tire and if it is a good idea to go with radials.
    My IRCs are just starting to square off after 6,500km, they're still good but not very confidence inspiring.
    Are there any other tires you'd recommend which should be available?
  2. I went for the Michelin Pilot Street Radials, paid 6,000 installed and got some new tubes for 580 baht.
    The mechs put 30 PSI into the tire which felt okay, I only rode it home yesterday.
    On the tire it says 41 PSI max, the stock IRC were 36 PSI max - do I run the same pressure or do the Michelins need more pressure?
    Had the oil changed at Honda across from the Big Wing and upped the pressure to 34 PSI but it felt harder than the IRC with the same pressure.
    What tire pressure is recommended? I dropped it to 32 PSI and it feels better.
    Took some pics of the new 650Four - the CB in yellow looks HOT!!!
    The upcoming NC750X will be 375,000 baht, not a bad price at all.

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