Quickest route Chiang Mai - Phuket

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  1. Need some advice on the quickest route CNX - HKT.

    Want to bypass BKK and use bike friendly roads (ie H'ways that can be used)

    Once down near Hua Hin fine , its just the middle section.
    This isn't a joy ride so just the quickest .
    Thanks in advance .
  2. Seems like ok route, thanks..think TJ used to favour this route...
    only 1550km....23 hrs according to Google....will work on that !!!
    2 days should be ok...I hope my arse holds it together !
  3. Any recommends for Hua Hin/Chaam ?
  4. Cha Am is cheaper than Hua Hin, just go to the beach front road, you'll find a room for around 1000THB. Or are you looking for something luxurious? When will you take the trip?
  5. Simon, hitting the Cha Am beach turn left (north) and there's the Methavalai, it was good years ago and is an interesting Hotel from the way it is built. prices should range between 1500 to 3000 THB, a little further is another one which I used to stay once but it's a highrise concrete block merely. Lot's of eateries near the beach too. Prefer it 100% over HH. Cheers, Franz
  6. KZ
    Simon is enroute now. I think leaving CNX tomorrow morning Cheers Noel
  7. Simon's charging his batteries up at the Kafe right now, hoping for an early departure tomorrow morning. :lol:
    I note he's already in love with his Africa Twin too!
    :D :D :D

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