R12 Phetchabun Tree Tunnel Saved

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  1. PHETCHABUN has finally come up with a new design for the construction of a road that will spare the picturesque tree tunnel on Highway No 12 that links the province’s Lom Sam and Chum Phae districts.
    Following heavy criticism on social media against the planned cutting down of the trees to make way for the road expansion in Lom Sak, the Transport Minister instructed the Highways Department to find a design that will not result in the tunnel's destruction.

    Phetchabun 1 Highway chief Pongpan Khongsomboon and an engineering team yesterday submitted to Phetchabun Governor Bundit Thewithiwarak the new design for a 10-kilometre section of the road from the King Pha Muang Monument intersection to the Lom Sak Road Construction Centre. The two-lane road will run parallel to the tunnel.

    Pongpan said a public relations event for the project would be held for local people on May 26 and those objecting to the project, such as Stop Global Warming Association president Srisuwan Janya, would also be invited.

    Source: The Nation. Phetchabun tree tunnel saved - The Nation
  2. Good to see. It makes a Big Difference to the Heat of an Area if there are some Trees around of course there are the Added Benefits of all the other Good things Trees do Ha Ha! Shame to cut them down!
  3. Great to here. Spent a year living in the 'Boon and this was one of my favorite roads to cruise down.

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