R13 Oudom Xai - Pak Mong road works

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  1. Everybody's favourite hate road R13 Oudom Xai - Pak Mong is under going road works

    Oudomxay-Pak Mong road takes in shape

    (KPL) An ongoing repair of National Road 13 North linking 82 km from Oudomxay to Pak Luang Prabang Province's Pak Mong, sets to be completed before inauguration of National Games in Oudomxay at the end of this year.

    The repair work in the section of Oudomxay to Pak Luang Prabang Province�s Pak Mong has been confirmed 7 per cent complete since started in March 2014.

    "A three-year upgrade road project was low-interest loan from Chinese Government worth US$82 million," said Mr Vanthong Bouttanavong, Head of the 13 north road upgrade project.

    The first phase runs from Nateuay-Luang Prabang to Nam Kor bridge, second running 6 km from Oudomsay to Pak Mong.

    Mr Vanthong said that the construction work saw to be late for two months due to late import of construction materials.

    The project started upgrading road surface to facilitate the transport during the construction and we prepared teamwork to help road users pass by during the construction.

    This project has faced difficult factors including compensation and resettlement and removal of the electricity network.

    Despite difficult factors, he is confident that the construction expected to complete as schedule.

  2. Good news. Thank you. That section is always a tester with the rocks and talcum powder on every bend.
  3. An update & road report for this section is here





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