R3 Luang Namtha - Houei Xai Road works


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
R3 to be crucial land link

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Construction on the Chinese funded section of the new R3 highway is in its final stages with 80 percent already finished and final completion set for May this year.
The road to the Boten International Checkpoint in Luang Namtha province is currently being resurfaced with asphalt to ease cross border transport.

Project Manager of the Chinese Funded Section Mr Chanthakham Xayadeth said “We have already finished asphalting 40km of the road and we’ve got another 46km to go.”

Construction of the road is divided into three phases, which are linked to funding sources. This first on-going construction phase is being funded by the Chinese government. The second stretch, which is 76.8 km is funded by the ADB and will cost 180.4 billion kip (about US$16.4 million). The third road section, 84 km long, is financed by the Thai government and is expected to cost about 218 billion kip (about US$19.8 million).

Mr Chanthakham said that 50 percent of the second and third phase is completed, with final completion for the whole project set for March 2007. “We are now starting to construct the feeder road from R3 highway to A3 road bypassing Luang Namtha province” he said.

The R3 highway construction project, undertaken by the Yunnan Highway and Bridge Company, is in the northern economic corridor. It is the communication route passing through northern Laos that links Kunming, in southern China and Bangkok. R3 passes through the two northern provinces of Luang Namtha and Bokeo. The total length of R3 passing through Laos is 227 km.

The road is expected to provide great economic benefits to Laos and other countries of Southeast Asia, and China. The realisation of the R3 highway will be an important achievement in the country’s attempts to become an important regional transit point.

The road is also a milestone for cooperation between Laos and China in political and economic terms. Besides the two countries concerned, many other countries in Southeast Asia will benefit.

By Panyasith Thammavongsa

NOTE: this 80% completed section only applies to the Chinese part, a total distance of 86 kms? So from Luang Namtha - Houei Xai, there's approx another 100 kms to go, in two sections.
Odd though that they claim 80% complete, having asphalted 40 kms, with another 46 kms to go. With my farang abacus that does not equal 80% - am I missing something?

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Aug 31, 2005
Is the chinese road manager refering to 80% of the total 84KM or 80% of the 40km surfaced or 80% of the combined 3 stages of 84km + 84km + 76km. He may be referring to the project time period that is 80% complete and they willbe finished at the end of may whether the road is fully surfaced or not. Probably won't matter if they expect to cover 40km of asphalt before then it more than likely won't be there in October! What I really think is that he is referring to the total work involved and that the last 40km has had all the prep aration work done and now only requires surfacing which could be 20% of the whole job. But whatever 80% complete sure sounds better in a press release than saying 50% complete and only 2 months to go. Never let the facts get in the way of a news story.

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Jun 24, 2005
The Chinese side of the portion refers to the Boten border up to about 20Km south of Luang Nam Tha via the bypass outside town.
The 20% remaining is some road barriers still being constructed along the bends and works in the old section of town.
Tried to ride South to Huay Xai on Labour Day but gave up after seeing the state fo the road/ trail immediately after where the road ended.
Too difficult as it had rained too much for the previous few days and I was on road tyres.
Managed to chat with the Chinese construction workers about the completion date and was informed that the date was more likely to be mid of 2007 optimistically.