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    The 'usual' information of a general nature as outlined in earlier reports of the same nature apply.

    We stayed at Henry - Lo B10 28-29 Nguyen An Ninh, Rach Gia. Tel 0773919991. 420,000vd/n; no b'fast; internet.
    A taller medium sized hotel in the newer part of town being developed - waterfront jazzed up, plenty of cafes, supermarket - to see Rach Gia expand. Everything in the hotel you'd expect for the price.
    There's a new hotel ready to open - the Sea Light Hotel - alongside the river overlooking the fishing boats & close to most venues. Well worth checking out before making a final choice.
    Hai Au - absolutely sensational position overlooking the Cai Lon River with a great lay-out offering fabulous views over the fishing fleet. Food matches the position.

    We stayed at the Cuu Long - 52 Quang Trung, Tp Can Tho. Tel07103822669. $33 inc b'fast, internet.
    A massive operation where it appears dozens of weddings are staged daily. We'd be open to trying something a little more 'homely'.
    Sao Hom - good position/setting but the food didn't match.


    Cappucino - over the road, across from Sao Hom & a far better choice. Great range of well prepared western options as well as local delights.

    "On the corner across from the 'Tin Man'/HCM statue" - sorry I forget the name but the below photo will help you find it easily. Bold attempt at trying to run an upmarket western-style operation. Falls a little short but is a comfortable option well frequented by westerners (especially those on tours). Gives the impression it may be linked somehow to the Sao Hom operation (but is definitely better).


    There's also a waterfront open air night-time operation that's a good option - you are on holidays after all. Its on the waterfront between Sao Hom & the 'Tin Man'.


    Pong Lan - 124 Dong Khoi, Ward 4, Soc Trang. Tel 0793821619, no breakfast.
    Its difficult to judge as we were there for the Oc Bom Boc when the town is packed with all the town's accommodation booked out way in advance. We were lucky to find a small room for 450,000vd. The hotel is well positioned next to the river, helpful but non-english speaking staff.
    Hang Ky - a large, open plan restaurant specialising in local cuisine (in the background in the following photo):


    Hung - in a laneway off Hung Vong (street) not far from Hang Ky this is a good choice for tasty local food & enthusiastic staff.

    Enjoying the building boom that is sweeping Vietnam & with fabulous events like Oc Bom Ba held there its only a matter of time before the westerners arrive & the (western) restaurants follow. For now there's plenty of great VN options - just follow the crowds (start in the larger enclosed building alongside the Dong Khoi marketplace).

    Ham Luong - 200C Hung Vuong, Ward 5, Ben Tre. Tel: 0753560560. 490,000 inc b'fast. Internet.
    Hung Vuong Hotel, further along Hung Vuong (street) would be another option.
    A town, although developing fast, still in an embryonic stage in terms of gastronomy. Enjoyable to stroll around & dine as the locals dine.

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