Racing engine parts for suzuki raider 150???

Discussion in 'Technical' started by yto13, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. hi,

    im a new member here. just wanna ask about my bike suzuki raider 150r.
    i know it is a small bikes, so thats why im planning to buy some racing engine parts to increase the engine performance.
    anyone can suggest me, where can i shop for the best racing engine parts for my bike???

    i know from some guy, about an area called saphan kwauy in bangkok and
    also i already google bangkok bike shops aswell.

    just wondering maybe you guys can recommend me other shops.
    i prefer around bangkok area, if its outside bangkok than it would be to far for me.

    really appreciate it if you guys could help.

    thx once again.
  2. Hello yto, you're right, there's not info here on small bikes. That's not saying that there's no info.
    Do you have a Suzuki Raider 150 already or do you plan on buying one?
    Frankly I recommend selling the Suzuki and buying a Honda CBR 150 R. It's faster right out of the box and there are lots of hop-up parts, even big-bore kits up to 180cc or so.
    I wouldn't want to go fast on a Raider because the frame, suspension, brakes and rims are not made for going fast!
  3. correction:
    Hello yto, you're right, there's not MUCH info here on small bikes. That's not saying that there's no info.
  4. lists scooter parts. They are in Indonesia, however. I tried sending them some emails but no luck. You could try phoning them.
  5. Sorry that there's not much info on here for small bikes.
    I wish there was, but someone has to make the input & most of the guys here probably ride big(ger) bikes.
    That's not to say info for small bikes is not welcome, it is; but the aim of the GT Rider site is to be a riders site with info & tips for riding / touring in Thailand / the region. And you can do that on whatever bike you like - big or small, off-road or on-road, cruiser / chopper / sport bike / dual purpose / a Harley - I don't care. As long as you ride, & contribute! We like 1st hand info & experience, not hearsay.
    So if you've got info on small bikes & riding / touring with them your welcome to contribute it.
  6. hi guys,

    yeah thx for the help, and yes i already bought a raider150. i know cbr is awesome too, but i like raider cus its small and im only using it for around the city area, not for touring purposes ehheheheh

    i already browse the tdr website, their products are imported from thai. so might aswell buy in thai ofcourse. as shipping from indonesia might be too troublesome. but thx for the suggestions anyway.

    well if someone knows about a good shops in bangkok, please do let me know ok.

    thx once again for the help
  7. And if you know something, please let us know too. Works both ways.
  8. sure do bro

  9. A simple and cheap solution would be to change sprocket size, front or rear, whatever is available.
    Or you could get a magazine where they have pix of modified Nouvo, Waves, Sonics and others, even Finos. There are full page ads, try call the numbers, if you're lucky someone speaks english and can tell you what they have or where to get it.
    Good luck!

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