racism at the pump!!!!!!!!

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  1. stopped to refill at an esso station yesterday in Pattaya and was told by the attendant THAI ONLY AT THIS PUMP NO FARANG ...YOU GO NOW !!!!!!
    my daughter who is LUK KRUNG then explained in fluent Thai that she is Thai and then blows started coming from the female pump attandant !!!!!! Unfortunately for her my daughter who is only 11 is a blkackbelt in taekwondo and swiftly dealt with both staff and we were aided by nice German guy who was also waiting got involved ...we al drove away confused ....whats all this about ?

    I have made a report to the cops who dont seems interested ???//
  2. Hi monsterman, hiFriends,

    The first time I hear about that...Quite unusual for the country but as you know and told several time, does Pattaya is really representative of the country ?

    Keep the Power on !
  3. My wife is livid and is so angry she has been to see the police, city hall and has called Esso head office , she wont rest until the people involved are punished .

    police are now investigating the incident properly since my wife became involved , she is a Tiger when angry.
  4. An 11 year-old black belt?
  5. KZ ...she has been doing it since 4 years old , shes tall for a Thai looks like she is 14 , certificatrd by Korean examiners.
  6. Jerry, some of your posts appear as though they are from Hill Street Blues.
    To quote Sergeant Esterhaus, "Let's be careful out there"!
  7. well my wife has been on the warpath all day but a lot of people at city hall and esso are on holiday so i doubt we will se any answers until tommorow ,one of the staff at the esso station has begged forgiveness at the police station from my wife , but the other one and the manager have now tried to say that we attacked them first!!!!...however their stories conflict and it seems that they have now got the cops angry as well .....my daughter is very upset by all this as she has never seen thais so rude and disrespectful to her dad and she does not like violence she does the taekwondo for competetive sport and self protection .she has only used it before in anger on school bullies .

    personally i am disgusted by the whole thing , although i have met rascism and ignorance before in my travels it has not been directed at my kids .

    its out of my hands now ...my wife is a deeply religious bhuddist and a very political yellow shirt with political connections she wont let this go at all, at the very least she will want grovelling apologies , in front of the police and monks ....money wont come into with her she will not let up until she has a result.
  8. I suppose the petrol station attendants should be thankful that you didn't start waving your hammer around taking a few eyeballs out......



  9. Hi Monsterman,
    First, I would like to commend you for your actions (including wife and daughter). Many Ferang would lash out and end up at the wrong end of the Law.
    However, I believe this little episode of lack of basic human courtously and even arogance on the part of the Thai involved is just the beginning.
    I have been coming to this country for over 12 years now and have lived in Samui and now in CNX.
    I have seen a gradual deteriation in some Thai's attitude towards Ferang's, frankly if you behaved similarly in the West, you would be charged or sued.
    I myself have been abused and called 'old **** (Thai),even barbarian! when out in public with my Thai girlfriend. And I won't even start about the road manners!
    It is the tip of the iceberg and it is coming mostly from male Thai's, maybe too much internet exposure who knows.
    Just be careful out there, someone once told me, 'Ferang fight to win, Thai fight to kill', please tell me I am exagerating and a silly old alarmist!
    Tom :wtf:
  10. as for me losing my temper and doing the monsterman thing , i have a strapped up knee from cartiledge surgery so i am handicapped , plus i am a little bit older and wiser now and slower too .

    My wife had a call earlier from a pattya district chief officer she know we have to go to The police station on thursday with my daughter where apparently we will recieve compensation and full apologies from the Esso staff and apparently 2 have been censured and another has been sacked .
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    I see we're well past Dagenham and arriving soon at....
  12. Nice one Jerry.Sorry to hear of your troubles, but this thread appears to be going off the rails & will more than likely soon be closed.
  13. Locked. Post deleted by RMbike.
    No need for any other abusive / inflammatory comments gents.
    Jerry when you have your final report & outcome, pls let me know so that it can be posted.
  14. Subject: racism at the pump!!!!!!!!

    Thanks guys. Indeed an unfortunate incident & enough to make anyone's blood boil.

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