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  1. Hi all,
    does anybody have or know where I can get a 1.6 or.1.7.0r 1.8 radiator cap from. The largest pressure I can find so far is 1.1. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Cheers Rigsy
  2. Rigsy

    If you can’t find a higher-pressure rating cap, try mounting a recovery system to your radiator.
    Just mount a small plastic bottle somewhere using zip ties close to the radiator cap and connect a small tube. The expanded fluid will come out and go back once the motor cools.
    Don’t over fill your radiator. Keep the fluid level around the top of the fins. This allows more room for expansion and doesn’t affect the overall temperature, as less fluid will be discharged.
    If you do find a cap, you need to ensure the replacement cap it is the correct type, because the inside plunger is usually specific to the system. The plunger on the inside will pull down or on other types, push up to allow for coolant to enter or exit the radiator. Check how your works before you buy.
    That plunger is also working on a specific spring tensions rating which is controls the Bar pressure you require. It should be stamped on the cap
    I would resist the urge to get a higher rated cap. You are imposing more pressure on the head gasket and water pump seals. I have heard of failures to modern high compression four-stroke motocross bikes running high-pressure caps.
    Maybe you are a hard charger and combined with the high temperature in Thailand the bike is reaching the cap pressure too quickly.
    There is no advantage for the higher-pressure caps other than to prevent fluid discharge and loss of fluid. The recovery bottle will fix that.
  3. is this a radiator cap for a aircooled engine ?
    buying / selling or just looking
    126 hits on a advert that says neither
    so where 126 people interested in any more than just looking ?
    at least Brian66 had an opinion, if nothing else.
    Most of the replies I see attached to adverts would be better off on social networking sites.
    ie; you can advertise something for sale, but you'll probably get somebody telling you, they have got a bigger, better, cheaper, faster one than your trying to selling
    or it's the wrong colour, make, price, too many kms
    Buy or sell, black or white, yes or no.
  4. Riggsy. The rad cap on my Ford Ranger is a 1.8bar so might pay to look at one of them.
  5. Isnt this a bike forum ?.......air cooled rad cap, i like that alan ! :lol:
  6. Hi all,
    thanks for the help. Yes this is a bike forum and many people who have boiling problems on 450cc MX bikes will benefit from the suggestions given. Thank you all again
  7. Rigsby,

    Did you find CV4? (Mail Order)

    They have 1.4bar and 2.0bar radiator caps. Not cheap though.

    I have been looking for some surfactant or wetting agent stuff for radiators.

    I put a small computer-like cooling fan behind the rad which I switch on in traffic.

    No I don't have a 450.

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