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Rak Thai - Mae Aw Restaurants

Discussion in 'Restaurants - North Thailand' started by DavidFL, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Rak Thai - Mae Aw - restaurants
    Right by the lake
    Lee Wine Restaurant

    the last restaurant on the right with a superb location by the lake.
    plenty of seating + an extensive menu
    Dried goat is an interesting item on the menu


    GPS Waypoint: N19 35.182 E97 56.562
  2. A super meal with the GF at the Lee Wine Resort Restaurant
    Huge servings: pork leg, a spicy mushroom salad that was out of this world, some + super fresh veges & cashew nuts for the old boy's whisky snack.
    Get in early - before 6PM, because at 6PM all the tour groups come in & the place is full!
    The lakeside location is an absolute winner.
  3. Rak Thai is well known for it's tea, & all the shops flog it, but if you want a cuppa coffee then the
    Coffee Ban Din is the place to go.


    situated lakeside for a refreshing view to savour a nice cuppa.

    next to Lee Wine Restaurant
    Opposite Chasarakthai
    GPS Waypoint: N19 35.191 E97 56.562

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