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  1. I have the possibility of a bulk purchase of RAM mounts.

    Would anyone else be interested in complete sets or individual parts?

    If you haven't seen them before do a google search, or look at http://www.whitehorsepress.com/index.php?cPath=171 for example.

    No prices or any firm delivery date yet, need to know interest before ordering extra to my own use.

    You can e-mail or PM me if interested.
  2. Harry, I'm looking for a decent and affordable GPS unit. (Your recommendations are welcome!)
    As soon as I find one, I'll need a handlebar mount and will be happy to take you up on your offer! Good idea! :D
  3. Just to let others know, their is a shop in Seacon Square called I believe Global 5 who sells some good mounts. I called there and had them deliver 3 to my office via EMS and back then the total cost was 600 Baht per each.
    I believe you may be able to google them and look at what they have.

    I have used the mount on my ZZR1100 for over 6 months and have nothing but good things to say about it. Easy to mount and can remove easily all by hand no tools involved. I run a Garmin Quest GPS and sometimes a Garmin IQUE 3600 GPS. The Garmin Quest is an older model but WATERPROF but the IQUE has a larger screen.

    Living in Bangkok I go nowhere without a GPS. Keep one on both bikes and one in the car.

  4. Khundan

    Any change you have picture to show of that mounts of yours,,, maybe it fit's to Nuvi 310?
  5. I've also been looking for a cheaper alternative to the RAM mounts, if you have a product name or picture it would be appreciated. I know the RAM mounts are reliable and have never lost a GPS offroad. Also seen a mount that plugs into the hole of the fork yoke, maybe easy to manufacture from a expanding bolt and some rubber tube?? Open to ideas and options.
  6. Deleted, posted twice by mistake :oops:
  7. When I get home today from work I will take some photos of what I have and use for all to see.

    I will also try and find the info on the shop where I ordered them from.

  8. Thnx Dan

    good info and i have just sent them inquery about mount called Nuvi,,,that might fit to my LT
  9. HarrytheFinn wrote:
    Those mounts Harry can be placed wherever a bolt hole is available. I use this style mount on all my Dirt Bikes to mount my GPS to the bikes in a compact manner. The mount is the Black Rubber ball mounted next to the indicator switch in the lower center of the picture.


    Ram mounts for me have been fairly durable overall through many thousands of KM's of off road travel. The GPS cradle has never lost a GPS for me :) even through miles and miles of Cambodian pot holes. However its not all peaches and cream, I have broken two RAM mounts like the one pictured above from going over the bars and having my body weight break where the rubber ball meets the platform mount :cry: . Though I guess I can't fault Ram for that, I just have to stop crashing. I now have learned to carry an extra mount on my rides. They allow me to mount the GPS high enough for my blind mug to see and keep me from getting too lost.


    Bottom line Ram have some well made products and I could order a few goodies if it gets set-up.

    Here's a link that I purchase most of my mount stuff from when in the states:


    Best of luck.
  10. Big n Tall
    I'm looking for more like the RAM B-342U Fork Stem Base. The attachment is in the steering stem tube, with the ball on top. Seems like your KTM has a steering damper right at that spot. I want to use it on my VFR800, my KTM has the "U" bolt type RAM mount on the handle bar, with the long extension it is quite high.
  11. I think I would be interested, not sure what additional RAM will do.
    I got the Garmin 276c waterproof big display.
    Esri Thailand card, very good detail, but limited use in eg. Chiang Mai,
    Address search doesnt work,
    What is annoying is a totally illogical way of entering letters or numbers.
    Sometimes starts with numbers , the other time with alphabetical letters but not with A but backwards.

    I guess it was programmed by a woman, totally illogical but it will almost always get you there.
    my GPS is my mia Noi , I love her, I hate her.
    And as normal for Girls, no instruction manual was provided by mother ESRI.
  12. Harry - My bad, I have the Ram mount on the KLX fastened to the fork tube triple clamp and thought you were doing the same thing.

    How's the KTM treating you?

    Pico - I'm with you, no such luck utilizing the address function with the ESRI map. A lot of issues can be traced to the English translation of Thai adresses and roads by the map programmer when utilizing the address search. What you and I think how things should be spelt are often a lot, lot different than the map designers interpretation of English spelling. Just like gals, quite frustrating at times.
  13. Pico

    That is surpricing as in my nu im running ESRI 2007 Thai map in English and i use street,hotel name search by typing often and have very good success rate 90%, i just wondering is there is such a difference between model maps,what should not or has this guy who did transalation to my nuvi map been luch brake or day off when your map was traslated :wink:

    That is somewhat surpricing.

    Only what i find difficult is that, if on whaa search i.e. some hotel on home and know the name of the joint,,it's not possible in some cases.
    Example, while i was home and wanted to get Burabba hotels address(location) from looking nuvi map, it could not be found, how ever when i actually was in Phetsaphun and searched again by name in there, no problem it pop out with in second.
  14. I have noticed the same problem or non-problem. Using a 60CSX and a Nuvi next to each other, the Nuvi will find Carrefour in Chiangmai while the 60CSX can not find it even though it is on the map.

    What helps is that when you are looking for instance for a shop don't search in the "Shopping" category but search in "All Poi's" and most of the time (but not always) you will find it.

    Another option is to search in "Nearest Containing" instead of by "Name" and again most of the time you will find it if it is close by otherwise again no luck.
  15. Great advice Auke thanks for the tip.

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