Ramadan or Loi Kratong

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  1. Well, for those that I have been PMing, the guy I was travelling with at the start of November has done the Catholic (pulled out).

    This means I can come over whenever I like.

    As hard as it is to believe I get pretty lonely by myself in Thailand, and the ladies of the night really don't help much.

    My mates that work in the Middle East are all heading to BKK for Eid (the holiday for the end of Ramadan) around Oct 13 so I could meet them in BKK before heading to CM, but the weather of course isn't great for riding.

    The other option is to wait until Loi Kratong time, but of course then I am by myself the whole time (my leave pass from my Minister for War is for 10 days)...

    How bad is the weather in mid October?

    I have only done Loi Kratong in BKK, which only involved stepping out of the bar for 30 minutes... is it worth waiting another month to spend Loi Kratong in CM??? Am I going to have a hard time getting flights and accomodation in CM at Loi Kratong???

    wone wee, I am so wone wee, ai'nt got no bwody, to call my own... (Kim Jong Il in Team America [:D] )...

    come on guys, make a decision for me [:D]

  2. Hi Daewoo, weather in October will be as bad as it is now, rainfalls, clouds whenever you don't expect them. On the other hand side, Loi Krathong is a good option, if you go for it, then make your bookings now as in CNX Hotels & flights will be full, anyway its just one night and in Chiang Mai its better than anywgere else, just go to the Ping river near the main bridge (charoenmuang road) and watch the festivities. Weather should be better by then, but who knows when climate changes are seen all over the globe. Rgds, FR
  3. Thanks FR.

    Looking at online fares, Nok Air is 2900THB, AA is 3155THB, any reason to pay the extra for AA? Any other carriers I should look at?

  4. Nok-Air would be my choice, or try One-2-go, they're even cheaper and fly with MD-80's, their website: http://www.fly12go.com/en/main.shtml, just be careful which airport you fly from: BKK means Suvarnaphoom airport where all international flights are coming in, Don Mueang DMK is the old airport, 30-60 Minutes away from the new international, depends on traffic, rgds, fr
  5. Hey Daewoo there is always the Motogp Sepang Oct 19-21

    A lot cheaper than going to same same in OZ
  6. Hi Daewoo, just forget about one-2-go, an MD 82 just crashlanded and broke into 2 on Phuket airport today, spend a few more bucks and fly on THAI AIRWAYS...........
  7. Franz, Thai Airways did the same thing a few years ago, tried 3 times to land at Surat Thani (for Koh Samui) in bad weather, 3rd attempt pilot skidded and landed up in a muddy field.
  8. Getting a bit off topic here, but anyway...

    I flew 1-2-go last trip and have no complaints... thei online price for the days I want in actually considerably more expensive than the other two...

    The weather in Oct, say from 20th-27th... anyone... is it really any better than at the start of Nov???

    TJ, when do you think you will be up North???

  9. Ex GF flew 1-2-Go last Thursday DMK-HKT. Rain was very hard at that time too. She said they circled above Phuket airport for almost an hour before landing and everyone was freaked out.

    Daewoo planning on being back up in Cnx, early Nov for 2-3 months
  10. "The weather in Oct, say from 20th-27th... anyone... is it really any better than at the start of Nov???"

    Daewoo, noone really knows but check out this government website from the thai meteorological department: http://www.tmd.go.th/en/index.php, have forecasts & reports on weather of all regions in the country. Usually November gets less rain already than October, rgds, fr
  11. I was waiting for a Thai Airways flight in Phuket Airport,in 1986, that crashed into a hill and killed everyone on board!

    I can now think of 4 air crashes that have happened coming into Phuket Airport, it is not the best location for an airport!
  12. I know we are getting off the subject a bit, but just now on Thai tv, they have shown the Thai airways flite that crashed at Surat Thani, a few years ago (gee this posting is getting to look a bit like thaivisa.com....)

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