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  1. I import bikes, mostly for dealers, from the US. My family has a new motorcycle dealership in LA and we also have a wholesale operation in the US for used bikes. I bring over about a load every two months and occasionally sell a few on the side to friends.

    Lots of ways to get registration, we can do it here in Bangkok of course but it can be time consuming for us. I prefer to work through a dealer and let them make a little money on the deal, helps the customer get better service over the long run and saves me a bunch of time. They are better at the process and sometimes my Thai linguistic skills are just not up for all the arguing at the Land Transport office.

    We dont finance, its 50% deposit, the rest paid when the bike is assembled and meets customers requirements. My price is about 75% what you can find at most dealerships. Please note, these are legal, titled US bikes with all taxes paid on import. I cannot compete with the stolen Japanese market that makes up a majority of bikes in Thailand. On non stolen bikes, I always have the best price going for US bikes.

    Let me know.

    Kevin Rodgers
    Siam River Intertrade
  2. looking for a good condition late model XR or Baja 250
    use is travel to Laos Cambodia

    legal and tidy only considered

  3. I look for a -05 to -06 Yamaha R1, how long would it take me to get one? Total price incl registration?
  4. Guys I don't think the guy is a board member might want to try the link. One guy got back to me and told he was not happy with the organazatrion so be careful.
  5. Has he stolen your identity to post that? If so you need to change your log in details. (Sorry if you have already)
  6. No I posted it was an e-mail to me. That I passed on for information only.

    Thanks Robin

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