Rare find


Oct 14, 2005
Rare find, on the ride yesterday to Ubonrat Dam, and meeting up with the other guys. They introduced me to the Lucy Bar, owned by a farang and great farrang food although I think it' a bit limited steak or schnitzel, both of which were excellent. I thinkl the reaon I had never seen it always ropad straigh to the park area and b never mae that turn into the village.

Anyway your in a very small village and here is the great farrang and Thai food out in the boonies. The best way I can desribe it is jurst before you ge to the park entrance, you will see the entrance to the city on you left coming from Highway 2. Down about 600 meters on the left side.

Looks like the White Devils are very serious about putting toegther a bike meet together at the the dam next February. Meeting with local officials ect. I wish them luck, not a small chore, but look like they will get it together adn I think one worth going to.

We back the Nung Bua Lampho route, nicey curvey road in good condtion, the 400 Dragstar, handled great a lot better then I was expecting from he boat. Not used to it yet, so I didn't push it but it was sloid in the curves. I think I'm begining to see why it is known as a cruiser.

Hardly Powerful by any means but you got a 600 pound bike powered by a 31 horse power engines. In my case a huge windshield, a lot of drag there. But if you get into through the gears it's still repectful. But it ain't no sport bike LOL