Rarity YAMAHA XTZ750 SuperTenere - fully restored

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  1. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Having the FJR for long-haul and the DR650 converted to Supermoto for fun on local roads, I see the 'SuperTen' sitting idle most of the time, so I decided to sell her if I get some of the investment back I spent up to date.
    Got her late 2010 in Eastern Thailand in quite a sorry and neglected state, since that time I have been working on her every free weekend.
    Parts changed are plenty and were sourced all over the world. Yamaha-Austria, Ebay Germany, Wemoto UK and Pistonshop Chiang Mai to name just the most frequented ones.
    A small but not complete list of things changed:
    all fluids, spark plugs, METZELER Tourance & inner tyres, bearings & gaskets (steering/wheels), new brake rotors front, new pads F&R (all EBC), GIVI 45 lts topcase, rectifier and ignition lock, front fairing right side, H4 power bulbs, helmet lock, braided brake lines F&R, grips, ACERBIS hand protectors, sprockets & chain, new windshield, new intake rubbers, DYNOJET stage 1 kit (mild tuning), new filters, and and and.......any buyer can see proof of what was fitted as I keep all receipts.
    Loads of time consuming work was done as I completely stripped her bare and started from scratch.
    The biggest problem was an electrical screw up I could solve, de-assembled the main cable harness which was the faulty one; cables have been connected in the wrong way too, so this is solved.
    The bike was registered in my name in Bangkok; this week I was asked to go to the Transport Department to pick up the Greenbook with the new Chiang Mai plate, compulsory insurance is up to date.
    Bike had an engine change which was even registered in the Greenbook. any buyer also gets the second engine which is not assembled but can be used in the future for parts sourcing.
    The only part that was not renewed is the seat cover as this should be done by the new owner to fit his/her bodily shape as best as possible as the current narrow one for sure will give you some pain after 500 kms.

    Here's some pictures of the bike:

    I know there are Versys, Er6N and the like but I just want to state that this is a 'can do all and a little more bike', it has won the Paris-Dakar 7 times, twice in the 750 version and 5 times with the bigger 850 engine which is also still used in the TDM.
    xxx hours were spent to repair & paint parts, money spent is much more than my asking price, so price is firm.
    Price THB 210,000.-
    Anyone interested can call me at 0898955698.
    No time wasters, tyrekickers, joyriders or 'would like to buy a big one but can afford only a Wave' guys please....
    Rgds, Franz
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  3. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    A super bike , tall seat but great engine and massive abilty worth the asking price for sure.
  4. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Fantastic bike Franz and I know you put a lot of time and money into restoring her. I was surprised how much bigger this bike is in real life than it appears in pictures. The Versys looks like a toy when parked next to the SuperTenere!
    Good luck with the sale- hell of a deal for only 210k Baht!
  5. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Thanks Jerry and Tony, just because both of you mentioned the sheer size of the SuperTen, I also fitted a lowering kit from Germany that puts her 2.5 cms down on the back (1 inch) and also dropped the forks by 1 cm, now I can comfortably put both feet on the ground; I'm 178 cms tall, front lights have been adjusted to my weight.
    Forgot also to mention, pink rimstripes are all over the bike and can be easily removed as not painted over, put them on because gives me more visibility for others during the night and matches good with the dark-purple of the whole bike.
    Rgds, Franz
  6. finnomick

    finnomick Ol'Timer

    Hi Franz, I can only echo ' monsterman ' and ' TonyBKK 's comments -- what a superb looking bike.....a real credit to you
  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Indeed this bike is a bargain for any rider looking for a reliable economical adventure touring bike for North Thailand / Laos / Cambodia...
    GaryD check it out mate.
  8. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Finnomick & David, many thanks !! Hurts a little once she's on the way to a new owner, but there may be a legal plated SR400/500 or XS650 somewhere..........
    Just came back from the transport department with the new CNX plate.
    Now again all my vehicles are having Chiang Mai regos.....cheers, Franz
  9. AlexOut

    AlexOut Member

    Is that a Ninja on the right beside it? lol
  10. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    AlexOut, yes it's a 250R from a fellow member in the house, as is the yellow NT400Bros.
    Ron, she has to go, too many bikes, too few rides. Tomorrow it's biking time already, 9 wonderful days coming up for me....cheers, FR
  11. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The bike - XTZ750 SuperTenere - is temporarily withdrawn from sale, while Franz works on the DR650 to get it back on the road from a test run malfunction.
    Please dont bother Franz with phone / enquiries until he is ready to sell the XT again.
  12. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Davidfl, many thanks for helping me out here.
    After blowing the DR650 engine just 10 kms short of MHS I will need the XTZ for at least another month or 2. Will start up the thread again once she's again on the 'chopping block'. Rgds, FR
  13. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    sorry to hear about your blown DR650 engine ... luckily you have the super tenere 750 as worthy back-up.


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