Rayong - Khao Yai 20 - 21st March 2010

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  1. bard

    bard Ol'Timer

    The 19th I had a humungous hangover and decided to never drink again (again) to avoid further mess I asked my missus and daughter to join a ride to Khao Yai on Saturday, possibly sleepover and back the day after. Go as we felt for in a way.

    Extremely satisfied that I managed to get the ESRI V 10 map to work on the laptop so I could plot the entire ride, I sat down and planned the entire route. Uploaded to the GPS voila awesome stuff.

    The 21st we woke up early and jumped on our bikes, my daughter wanted to sit with daddy on his R1 my missus took the luggage on the Ducati and off we went.

    Cleared the mess and came to 331 there is a nice fuel stop, brekkie place we stopped about 85 km from Rayong. There we meet 3 guys from Rayong Riders we knew who also had a gf with a car going with them to Khao Yai. We had brekkie with them who had started straight from a party at 04:00 and was barely recovering from the previous night.
    Some food, coffee and jokes and away we went, my route was discarded which made me a tad grumpy as I had plotted it so nicely it was art in my opinion, never mind let's go.


    At the next fuel stop my daughter decided the R1 was not that nice to sit on the back, my butt is soo hot she complained and I repacked the bag to my bike while my daughter jumped on her mothers Ducati.

    We enjoyed a very nice route the guys from Rayong Riders used, and went through Khao Yai, brilliant conditions almost deserted thanks to teh warning to not leave home in Bangkok.

    Arrived at a resort I forgot the name of, jumped in the shower and fell asleep for a couple of hours. Then off we went to have some food, my daughter found the karaoke machine and was busy playing with that while I got drunk again.


    Return day, went back through Khao Yai again. On the way in we meet a scooterclub with really nice people and we had a lot of laughs with them. We rode up to the scenic viewpoint and relaxed there for a while with some snacks and happy bs going on.


    Further along the road we meet some monkeys, so we HAD to stop so my daughter could have a close look and take some pictures of them.


    After this I tried a new road back home, nice riding most of the time and we arrived home for lunch.

    Very good weekend and we meet a lot of new great fellers on the way.

    Cheers Bard
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  3. bard

    bard Ol'Timer

    It really is scenic, I love the ride there. For People in Eastern or Bangers it's an awesome ride.

    Also found some new very cool roads in Rayong and Chantaburi which has just been done with tarmac. Beautiful roads, OK they do not last for several hours but a couple last for more than a 100 km's with twisties.

    Love it
  4. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Hi Bard

    nice ot see you on the road and that you enjoyed your self with family

    hope to see ya in Africa (LOL)
  5. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Good to see you back; & out with the family. Good man. Thanks for the contribution.
  6. bard

    bard Ol'Timer

    Hi Capt, I am currently riding the roads again to make some loops out of them, will then submit the GPS tracks to Auke. Also will try to get them sensibly written down. Right now it's a mess of notes and no good description so to avoid making an ass out of myself I will re-ride them, take some piccies and do it better this time.

    Thanks for the comment Dave.

    Cheers Bard

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