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  1. My bike was originally bought, registered and taxed in Pattaya. I have since moved to chiang Mai and its all up for renewal. I would kinda like to keep the patts registration, as I had a small / special plate made for the bike.

    so... My question is, can I renew my tax and registration in chiang Mai and if so, how do I go about it.

    Additionally, I recently lost my tax disk, but obviously still have my green book.

    cheers in advance
  2. It's all very easy and user friendly compared to Pattaya..... I've just done the same move and taxed my bikes up here. You don't need to re-register it if all you need is annual tax re-newal. (They even have a "drive-through" booth where you'll get your tax disc and book up-dated within 1 minute!) Is the bike over 5 years old (meaning you'll need a road-worthiness certificate)? The Land Transport Office to get annual tax is on the old Saraphi road at the traffic lights where you would turn right to get to the Holiday Inn. If you need a TorRorOr (for any bike over 5 years old) drop in the test centre just a few meters before the LT Office...... this is the sign to look for:


    I also just bought a Chonburi registered bike and re-registered it up here in my name, the whole process was painless and everyone very helpful...... in double quick time my Africa Twin now boasts a brand new book, a number of my choosing and Chiang Mai registration.
  3. Martin, you received you number plate already? No plate back log in CM?
  4. Just wanted to post a 'public' thanks to Martin and his pm's. sorted now. Cheers mate
  5. No mate, 3 month waiting list for the plate, so I'm riding with my old plate and valid tax, and new tax with new number and certificate to explain to Plod that I'm waiting for the new plate.
  6. You are absolutely more than welcome mate..... happy to be able to help!
  7. OK, same here, old plate and matching tax sticker that expires January 2013.

    Called Chonburi DLT yesterday and got the familiar "mai ma" 555! I transfered the Greenbook in to my name on Sep 14...

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