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  1. just bought a honda 150 nsr just outside chiang mai. when trying to register the bike in CM, they wouldnt take my address certificate from the us embassy in bangkok because i had a bangkok address on it. the us embassy in CM only does those letters on tues and thurs morning. had to go to thai immigration office down near airport with the guy i bought the bike from and use his address. they gave me a letter to take to the thai equivalent of the dmv across the street from the sheraton in CM and after that it was a snap. 300 Baht and had to go back the next afternoon to pick up the book. now i'm off for the Mae Hong Son loop and golden triangle area before going to laos and vietnam. looked at bikes in bkk and cm and definitely recommed cm over bkk, at least for second hand. drop me an email at [email [email protected]]donvangilder[email protected][/email] if you have questions. have fun riding.

  2. Hey Dono's great to hear ya got some wheels, dont forget to post the pickies, you know, you an a cuve in the road, you an snake wine shooters, bye Scott. PS don't ring the tites of your bike to early in the trip.:)

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