REAL Flip Face (Cosmo) Helmet Review 2014

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Koala, Oct 6, 2014.

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    I bought one of these a few weeks ago (called the "Cosmo Win" on the REAL website -

    * Cost 2,800 thb (with a bit of haggling).
    * Seems solidly made. I am never sure about the strength of the movable chin guard, but I value the ability to open the face rather than remove the helmet for brief chats with fellow riders - and a bit of cooler air at lights.
    * Has ECE R 22-05 sticker, which I hope is not just a sticker, but a sign that this helmet has indeed met Euro standards of construction. ECE22.05 is similar to the DOT standard.
    * The air vents move a reasonable amount of air - 2 on top, one on the chin (the one on my chin piece did not engage when I bought it, but the shop fixed it quickly).
    * Removeable liner (absolutely necessary IMHO). And can be replaced cheaply (unlike my Nolan, for which I was quoted 3,000 THB for a new liner).
    * Visor easy to remove - and cheap and easy to get new ones.
    * Has the wonderfully easy ratchet system for the strap. No more D-rings!

    The negatives.
    MAIN COMPLAINT - This model is very noisy. Acceptable for up to 100kph. But at 140+ even ear plugs don't quell the noise enough.
    The seal around the visor is not very good, and I think this contributes a lot to the noise.
    Flip face helmets like this are, necessarily, heavier than a standard full face. So at higher speeds for any length of time it takes more effort to keep your head steady.

    PS I don't know if posting a review as a one-off is a good idea - I did look for a thread headed "Helmet Reviews" to stick it in, but failed to find one. So I hope this information is helpful to someone seeking a new helmet.
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