Rear dirt bike sprockets YZ, CR, CRF, XR (non-o chain also)


Nov 14, 2005
Hi all, I've got 3 spare rear sprockets here, brand new, unmarked. Each are JT Sprockets, aluminium, not steel, and each is 1000 baht plus postage. I'm happy to sell them together or separately. I'd prefer to EMS them just to be safe. Check out the application chart at just to be sure they suit your bike, as the year of manufacture makes a difference. I've also got a JT chain, 520- 120 link, NON-O, 750 baht. Cheers.

JTA210-48 48 tooth. Suits CR250, CRF230/250/450, XR250/650R

JTA210-50 50 tooth. Suits CR250, CRF230/250/450, XR250/650R

JTA251-49 49 tooth. Suits YZ125,250,400,426,450