Recall of the Kawasaki Z250 Ninja 300

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Changnoi1, Apr 15, 2014.

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    Via Facebook Club of the Z250 I noticed that there is a recall letter from Kawasaki Thailand regarding the Z250 and Ninja 300. I had seen this already on the web-site of Kawasaki Japan and Kawasaki Australia and it does not include my motorbike.

    At the Z250 it seems that the rear-brake-line has been installed in a way that it can block partly the brake. This would not result in not braking but in faster wear out of the outer brake-pad. This can very easy be corrected.

    At the Ninja 300 it seems that there is a problem with the ABS cylinder (at production a piece of dirt came inside). This would result in possibility that the ABS is not working anymore. This problem comes from Nissin that produces the ABS brakes, and results in problems for also other motorbike brands like Honda. I assume the the ABS cylinder will be replaced.

    At the Ninja 300 it seems that there is also a problem with the way the front-brake-line is installed. This can very easy be corrected.

    When asking about this to my local Kawasaki dealer I was told that I should come in to have my bike checked as there were also problems with a leaking rear-shock. If needed my rear-shock would be replaced. Luckily my motorbike was also not included in this silence recall.

    Wow modern (and cheap) production results in a lot of productions problems. As with the Z250 have also been problems with wrong casting of the engine cast. Resulting in losing oil had high rev. Mind you losing oil THRU the engine cast!

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