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  1. I recently spent 2+ fantastic weeks touring around N. Thailand on a Honda VTX rented from Tony’s Big Bikes (Jeff was very helpful with destinations) in Chaing Mai.

    I was apprehensive about the trip, not being a very experienced rider. This web site and Dave’s maps helped.

    Taking Dave’s advice I stayed in Chaing Mai for a few days and toured the city and took a few short day trips on a rented Honda Dream. It is a good way to get use to the roads and traffic patterns and there is plenty to see, do, and eat there.

    The first day I went to Tha Ton staying at the Mai Kok River lodge which apparently is not its former self. The place was deserted but the caretaker lady cleaned up a cottage for me. Then met a guy that suggested the Garden Home Nature Resort which was great, 600B for a very nice, clean a/c, hot water cottage. They have smaller rooms for 200B and large riverfront cottages for 1500B.

    Stayed in Tau Ton for 5 days and took day trips to Doi Mae Salong and the Golden Triangle region.

    Then down to Phayao and stayed at a really first class new guest house overlooking the lake with a large room and spacious balcony (Ruerchomkwan Homestay, 800B).

    The VTX had to be back in Chaing Mai for another booking a couple days sooner then I would have preferred so spent those days enjoying Chaing Mai attractions and food.

    Any reservations I had about taking this trip have evaporated. With Dave’s maps and tour guide and advise from the people in the bike shops there is no need to join an organized tour. Going independently is great fun.

    Next trip I’m thinking about starting in Bangkok and stopping at places (Kao Yai and Korat) where I had been stationed with the military in the early 60s.

    Advice: bring your own helmet a vented riding gear, book the bike in advance.
  2. Congrats on a successful self tour. I have to agree that this forum has been and continues to be a fantastic resource with some of the best people. If you can, toss a few pictures of your trip in here so those of us who are off doing sinful things like working can enjoy your experience too. Being from Maryland your either former Air Force or a Spook, or god forbid both!

    retired Navy Spook.
  3. Gzachmann
    Glad you had a good time & enjoyed yourself touring around.

    Also as much as you appreciated the info & tips, I / we appreciate the feedback & trip report.

    Thanks for contributing.
  4. WITH PICTURES :wink:

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