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  1. Hi David:
    We are the few Singapore riders that you have met us during last year Nov-Dec perod at MHS while having our foot massage session.
    We will be up north again this year-end.
    This time, we will be visiting Nan before going to Chiang Rai as many have recommended the place.
    Like to know what will you recommend for Nan.

  2. Phuah
    First check out
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    Nan is tops for road bike riding – fast flowing smooth asphalt.
    Specifically, route 1148 from Tha Wang Pha – Chiang Kham is the TOP road in North Thai!
    The Doi Phukha Loop – short or long is the TOP ride for my money.
    In Pua there’s some decent accommodation now at either
    1. Chomphu Phukha Resort, 300 metres from the main junction of route 1080 in Pua.
    2. Papua Bhukha resort, 6 kms south of Pua on route 1081.

    Doi Tiew & route 1082 is another awesome, (short) ride.
    But any of the loops to the east of Nan are also good rides. Routes 1169 / 1225/ 1168 / 1243 / 1162 / 1026.....

    In Nan City
    1. Stay at the Dheveraj Hotel.
    2. Eat at Da Darios
    3. Pub, there’s a new pub / restaurant on the canal, just around the corner from Da Darios, that is worth checking out after dinner. I forget the name, but will be over in Nan next week, so watch the GT Rider board.

    Use my guidebook for distances & road descriptions.
    Then make a contribution with a brief road & trip report with the latest info for us to share.

    Drop me a line when you are in the North & we can meet up again – & this time forgo the foot massage & lets have a beer or two to swap some biking stories………………

    Keep the power on
  3. Thanks for the information.

    Will contact you when up North.
    Will be staying more days in MHS as we are going to visit the more remote hill tribe village.

    Understand the last time you are geting Alex (from storm rider motorcycling club) to get you some parts for your African Twin.

    So this round, do you need me to bring you any parts?


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