Recommendations for a 3 week visit

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  1. Hello all you biking types.

    Wondering about recommendations for a first time trip to Thailand. Looking to rent a bike. I have three weeks, Arriving in BKK, one week in southern Thailand and two weeks in the north, starting end of Feb 2006.

    Looking for recommendations for a good place to rent a bike for two weeks and recomemnded trips from Chiang Mai and BKK. Let me know if you have any favoriates.

  2. Since you are new to the board, first go to the section marked "New Users"

    Click on the topic "Welcome: Important. Please read this first!"

    There are the links to the main GT site, where all of your basic questions have already been answered.

    Then, if you have more specific questions, or want to check for updated conditions, do a search on the GT message board.


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