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  1. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a Thai motorcycle insurance company for 1st class insurance policy? Especially on Phuket but in general will be good.

    Any other advise regarding bonds, theft, excess, mediation & any other things that should be included into the policy before i sign the dotted line would be appreciated. As with most things in Thailand, if you don't ask they probably won't think to tell you!!

    The free insurance given with the bike from Kawasaki is very basic & doesn't cover theft for sure @ 780baht/year!

  2. I took out my fist insurance thru Kawasaki Bangkok. Don't have the papers with me here but after the first year, I didn't get a renewal proposal. Contacted Kawa and they said "Oh, that company finish, policy too cheap, too many claim, go broke". No one from Kawa bothered to advise me of that. They then organised insurance from MSIG thru Lockton Insurance Brokers in Bangkok. Once again this year, did not get a renewal in the mail. Followed up MSIG who said call Lockton. Did, got it renewed again, current value (sucks) coverage and premium attached. I'm sure if you shop around you will get cheaper but check ALL details first. Nanchaporn Loungaon

    Funny story, had frame sliders put on when I bought it from Kawa. In the past two years, have done in excess of 18,000 kilometres all over Thailand and Cambodia and touch wood, had never dropped it. Pulled into Rama 9 to get a servie and a new front tyre...all loaded up with ATG, panniers and topbox. Stopped at the top of the ramp, put the sidestand down.....but not properly and the bike tipped over. Holy shit!! Oh well, better to have a small off than a big one.

    Anyway, next day they call em and tell me the frame slider is broken. I thought that was strange for a small drop and no other offs. When I picked up the bike, I asked for the broken frame slider and sure enough, busted. Looked at the cracked slider bits and there was around 4mm square bright alloy and the rest of it was oxidized and dirty.

    Challenged Kawa that teh slider had been cracked when it was put on as there was no damage to it or the plastic end. They thought about it for a while but happily agreed to replace it FOC. Good outcome and as it turns out, probably good that I dropped it in their workshop, as embarrassing as that was and not at 120kph on some slippery palm oil/diesel/wet road where I would REALLY need the slider.


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  3. Thanks for that brucegsrider, will take a closer look at MSIG.

    Has anyone had a dealings with Viraya insurance or Thanachart insurance & AA insurance? These 3 company names keep popping up!

    On the GTR forum these is a page/link for an insurance quote, does anyone know what this is or the company doing the quotes.


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