Recommended Bike Shop in Chiang Mai


Apr 24, 2003
Just thought I'd pass on a recommendation after having been dicked about & promised so much by various bike shops - here's one that lived up to all it's promises.Placed an order for a Kawasaki D Tracker 250 on the 25th.Dec ( my own present to myself) and 3weeks later,which included nearly a weeks New Year holiday - it arrived looking as good as the pics I'd seen.In all round good condition & most importantly came with book plus plate,registered in my name.Hats off to Watit (Nat) at Piston Shop on 49/3 Assadatorn Rd ,off the NE corner of the Moat on the way to TescoLotus.Over main junction & it's on the left.I got to know his mobile as he kept me updated all the time 0819524433. He seems to always have a few bikes for sale & I noticed he has a red CB1 with plate year '90 at 65000 bt plus transfer fee - this cost me 4700 bt.Hope this helps and tell Nat your'e a GT man[:D]