Recommended GT Rider Spots Contacts in North Thailand.

Jan 12, 2003
On this thread list your fave Guesthouses / Restaurants / Night Spots ........that you use & like to hang out at.

1. The Kafe 127-9 Moon Muang Road. Tel 053212717

Fish'n Chip Shop, 25/4 Ratchavithee Road, almost opposite Irish U.N. pub. Elle and I went there most mornings for breakfast, the 2 weeks we were in CNX. Bottomless tea and coffee, have pc there so can use internet for free. Open for brekkie 6am (ideal if making early start), open 8am Sundays.
1. Resort run by Dutch guy. (His card all in Thai) Turn Left at side of MP gas station, on left going north through town. 053 388 255 Stayed here 1 nite, the Dutch guy, has about 5 brand new bungalows, 250 baht a nite. He even came out to main road to show us way in. Great Place.

FROM TOMO ON 25 Jan 2007
[color color=orange]JONADDA GUEST HOUSE - Central Chiang Mai (just round the corner from the Kafe!).
Rooms are clean and pleasant and the rates are competitive. Beds we had were comfy and the optional food excellent.
We weren't pressured to take any trekking tours but they will arrange and guarantee rooms when you return.
John is a characterful Aussie who went out of his way to help us - he straight off gave us a lift down to Tony's in his recently built chair outfit to pick up some bikes and then lent us full face lids from his own collection! He can ride a bit too....!!
You have to take your chances on room availability as there is no booking system but there are quite a few rooms.
I look forward to returning.

FROM Robin Holmes on 28 Feb 2007 ... php?
Nothing I can say to do this place justice. Friendly comfortable good food and home baked bread.

FROM SVEN on 5 Nov 2007
Chiang Rai: Garden House
A really nice guesthouse in Chiang Rai is Garden House (formerly Ya-house), 1,5km west of the main strip/market/bus station. 150 B for a "bungalow" (to storey private small houses with a balcony), a shady, palmy garden and the most dedicated owner I have met. (He offered all kinds of help when I was running around trying to buy a bike)
A totally feel-good place!
Chiang Mai: Siri Ghouse. In Chiang Mai I really have to recommend Siri Guesthouse on Moon Muang Soi 5. An alley down from the traffic, totally new and clean, (to me it was a hotel-room), 200 B. Very quiet! A great coffee shop just across the road with cheap delicius coffeine served gorgeus daughters of a japanese-thai couple. Down the road is Mr. Mechanic, and it's very close to the Kafe.

FROM DAVIDFL on 13 Dec 2007
Mae Hong Son: Baan Tai. In Mae Hong Son don't miss out on the traditional Thai massage at Baan Thai.
They are the best straight massages in the North of Thailand.
Even Dave Dirty (dlevedag) who thinks he's a bit of an expert now complains that I've ruined his massages in North Thailand - introduced him to Baan Thai in MHS! Nothing rates compared to what you get at the Baan Thai. Check it out anytime you are on the MHS Loop!

FROM DLEVEDAG on 15 Dec 2007
Thanks Dave -- I am a expert.
The massage at Baan Thai Massage (MHS) is the best by far. Thanks again / and damn you for turning me onto them. Not once did they hurt me ( despite popular thai belief, pain in massage is not a sign of a good job). They really pay attention to you and what they are doing. The atmosphere is right too, dim lights, soft music, smells good. It just makes all other massages look weak.
There is one place in CM thats OK. Chiang Mai Traditional Massage. (100bt =hour). Private clean rooms and coffee/tea. They have many ladies, so find one that right for you and then ask for her by name next time.
Its nothing compared to Bann Thai, but when you're in CM its the next best thing. Plus its only 100bt a hour!! Take 2 for sure.
Located past the Y-intersection on the Night Bazaar Rd (Heading South). Right Side, small white sign, down a little alley/lot