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Discussion in 'Central Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by DavidFL, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. On this thread list your fave Guesthouses / Restaurants / Night Spots ........that you use & like to hang out at.
  2. going to bkk soon and have been to the dirt shop way past on nut. where is paddock, heard that is in town. any other recommendations? want to shop for some stuff that we cant get in cambodia thanks.
  3. Jim...
    this link & map to many of the various shops, including Paddock, should help. Scroll down from the map for the individual shops. For some reason I couldn't find Paddocks own website as still online:

    Liked your travel (beer run?) write up in this month's Bayon Pearnik.
    And, I owe you a beer next time I'm in town on Sisowath...for a favor you did for me at CA2 last Jan...though you've no clue as to who I am!
  4. After a long day driving around the Trat area i would say that Kai bae Marina on Koh chang is the best. The best European/Thai food and very nice staff. Roland (the owner) have a cinema behind the restaurant where you can wath the footbal championships or the F1.
    Perfect relaxation after a some driving.
  5. In Loei
    The Kings Hotel. Best value for money accommodation I know.
    The massages there are ok too.

    The Muang Loei Pub is my fave food & drink spot.
  6. Loei: Sugar Guesthouse 04281-2982
    Udon Thani : Thomas Udon Thai House 042-204014 086-235-3663
  7. Umphang - Garden Huts. 300B +

    Cross the bridge over the river heading out of town and it's immediately on the right.


  8. :arrow: Ayutthaya:

    For those going past up or down h'way 32 there is a nice place just off the road: The Lima Place, signposted on blue signs on road 32. Going South you have to do a U-turn across the median with little advance warning.

    Double or twin rooms from 400-700, double fan rooms being the cheapest. (Thais pay a little less, so get your other half to book the room!) Clean and modern, about 10 mins ride out of town. Internet and wifi. However, bikes sit out in the open. Night guard. English spoken and they do answer emails.

    GPS: N14 23.022 E100 35.628

    More central and with atmosphere: Baan Lotus. Very friendly and most comfy beds you will find in Thailand. Hot showers and under cover parking for 2 or 3 bikes.

    S/d/t 250/400/6-800B
    20 Pa-Maphrao Rd, Ayutthaya
    Tel: (035) 25 1988, 32 8272
    English spoken.

    N14 21.690 E100 34.548 ... ya/all/582

    Book early in high season, this is popular with tourists, and rightly so.
  9. Wow,, is it really open at 0430hrs??
    if so that is good to know
  10. South of Petchabun....

    Kwang Sai G/H...south of Petchabun, where Hwy-21 intersects with road 225. The G/H is about 300-meters from the intersection, on the SW (?) corner of road 225.
    Signage is in Thai only. Not much nearby, easy to find. 300-Bt.
    087-8429446 or 056-731843 but reservation likely not needed.

    Decent value. Many older rooms, each about 38sqM. Dbl-bed, rooms have both A/C (no key card needed) and a fan, HW, TV (PSI-200 channels), secure parking WiFi.
    Run by a genial older Thai couple & their 2 younger teen daughters. Latter speak English.
    I stopped there as it was getting dark and avoid night riding due to my bikes dim headlight. The only restaurant nearby was closing and the G/H provided me with a menu and phoned an area diner. Hot food was delivered in 20-minutes. 30-Bt including a bottle of water.



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