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  1. DavidFL

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    On this thread list your fave Guesthouses / Restaurants / Night Spots ........that you use & like to hang out at.
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  3. mat.ward

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    I have listed some brief descriptions, prices, and the GPS coordinates of the hotels/guesthouses we stayed at when we did the northwestern loop here: ... c&start=75

    Some of them are worth tracking down, the others might be useful if you were arriving in the dark etc.

  4. KingMarty45

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    It seems a little sad that noone has posted anything here so I thought I would put in my 2 cents. And a few piccies because we all love to look at the pictures :D .

    Recommendations are crucial to a happy holiday IMO.

    I am in Hoi An right now and have been riding a couple of Minsk with my GF through the south and the mountains for 6 weeks now so I thought I would post the places I stayed that I liked:

    Bich Duyen Hotel:
    283/4 Pham Ngu Lao | 1 District, Ho Chi Minh City
    We paid $26 a night including breakfast. Own bathroom, big bed, A/C. Very friendly hotel run by some of the nicest Vietnamese people I met so far. Breakfast is basic just eggs and a baguette with coffee but it is nice.

    Vung Tau:
    Rex Hotel:
    1 Le Quy Don, Vung Tau
    We paid $32 a night for this hotel and it probably isn't worth that much. It has a nice pool, good buffet breakfast and big comfy, albeit ageing, rooms with A/C.

    We had a few mechanical problems with my Minsk in this town and found the locals to be unfreindly, unhelpful and downright rude. We had been staying at a place in the cheaper area (near the beach) and it was horrible, so we moved to the Rex Hotel in the tourist part for some respite. So if you go to Vung Tau stay on the tourist side. Or better yet, don't go to Vung Tau.

    The coast road from Vung Tau to Mui Ne is a great road with no traffic and amazing scenery. A really great ride.


    Mui Ne:
    Hai Yen Hotel
    132 Nguyen Dinh Chieu | Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Mui Ne (about 1.5km past the main tourist part).

    This place was great, $20 for upstairs A/C room with own bath, cable tv. No breakfast but the hotel has a little restaurant/bar that served good food for cheap. The place has a pool that is really lovely.

    We liked this place so much we pretty much didn't go anywhere else in the 4 days we stayed in Mui Ne.


    The coast road north of Mui Ne is really nice too. You do meet the Hwy 1A though for the last 50kms to Phan Rang.

    Phan Rang-Thap Cham
    Ho Phong Hotel
    363 ð ngo gia tu , Phan rang & thap cham , Vietnam (first left after the bridge as you come into town, you can see it behind the little park).

    $13 for the night. Massive room, big bed, A/C, cable tv, kettle, and the best shower in Vietnam. 2 heads and super powered. Really cleaned the oil and road grime off me. Loved it.

    When in Phan Rang you have to go to the Plo Klong Garai Cham Towers. They are magnificent and some of the best we saw in Vietnam. Its only 6kms from the hotel on the way to Dalat.


    The road from Phan Rang to Dalat looks magnificent on the map, 108kms of twists and turns as you climb the mountain. But it is horrible. The views are beautiful, but the road is horrendous. Bumpy and buggered. It took us 4 and half hours (without stopping) to travers the short distance.


    When we arrived in Dalat we found there is a new road straight from Mui Ne so get that instead.

    Dreams Hotel
    164B C?u Qu?o, Da Lat, Lam Dong (over the hill away from the lake).

    $20 a night for a small room with a comfy bed, cable tv, small safe, bathroom and a good shower. No A/C but a fan can be provided on request. The rate includes a first class breakfast. The table is adorned with all the local fruits piled high, platters of cold meats, there are eggs on request, baguettes with peanut butter (and vegemite!) and cereal. You also get a juice and a coffee. Still the best breakfast we have had. And the owners are really lovely people.

    We took the new road (ask it isnt on any maps) from Dalat to Nha Trang. This road is truly epic, a 1500m vertical descent through the jungle, along rivers and waterfalls down out of the cloud. Be careful though, the last 18kms are still under construction and is a dirty sandy track that would turn into a quagmire after a descent storm. My GF hit some mud and the bike went out from under her.


    Nha Trang:
    Kim Ngan Hotel
    52 Hoang Hoa Tham, Nha Trang (3 blocks north of the tourist quarter).

    A great hotel for $11 a night including breakfast. We liked it so much we stayed 8 nights. A comfy bed, bathroom, A/C, cable tv, fridge, fan and an elevator! Highly recommend this hotel.

    Also, when in Nha Trang go the mud baths. about a km north from the town (over the river) it is heaps of fun, and a good way to relax a sore moto-body (or a hungover one - go to the sailing club for a few jam jars, or to Krazy Kims for a few buckets).


    I went scuba diving with Seahorse Dive (Miguel’s Nong Hoi). It was fantastic at $35 for two dives it was the cheapest in town (I checked). Rainbows divers wants $60 and they have a bigger boat with too many divers. Seahorse only takes 12 people max, the gear is new, the guides good and the food great. Get amongst it, don't beleive what people say, diving in Nha Trang is great. I have dived the world and this rates up there.

    Doc Let Beach:
    Jungle Beach Resort (no address)
    Mobile: (84) 0913-429144
    Telephone : (84) 583-622384

    North of Nha Trang about an hour. It is easy to find but give them a ring and the Canadian will talk you through it. Once pass the shipyard there is only road and then you get to some bamboo huts and a sign that says
    Jungle Beach.

    This place is $23 EACH and it includes all meals. The food is great, the accommodation is basic, but the beach is fantastic. The only white sand and blue water beach we have seen in Vietnam. A place to do nothing and be happy.


    The road to Tuy Hoa is the 1A Hwy but it follows the sea and is really beautiful. Beware of the new road, on the recommendation of Jungle Beach we searched for it but couldn't find it and then near Tuy Hoa the bridge isn't finished yet either. It is only 30 kms worth and not worth the hassle when the Hwy is beautiful.

    Tuy Hoa:
    Cong Doan Hotel
    53 Doc Lep Rd, Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen (right opposite the beach - there are only 2 buildings along the beach and both are the hotels).

    This hotel was ok, $13 for a nice room, balcony, bed, bath, A/C, and fridge. It is ageing and not perfect. The WIFI didnt work in the room but worked near the elevator. near Tuy

    There is a newer hotel down the beach called the Long Beach Hotel. If I am there again I will check it out.

    Tuy Hoa is one of the nicest places we stayed in Vietnam. No white people ever stop here so the locals are still friendly, no touts, and you pay the same prices for things as the locals. Unheard of. And the beach is lined with seafood bia hois so you can get a cheap sea food meal and cheap beers right on the sand. Truly epic. No english menus though, but that is part of the fun.


    Quy Nhon:
    Lan Anh Hotel
    19 Xuan Dieu, Quy Nhon (next to Barbaras Cafe on the beach)

    $13 for a basic room, balcony and bathroom, A/C and a fridge. WIFI didnt work in the room but worked in the foyer. Bargain because we got the balcony room for the price of the inner room. The beach view from the balcony was the saving grace.


    However, it is was perfectly comfortable for us and I am sure it would be for you.

    From Quy Nhon we went inland to meet up with the famous Ho Chi Minh trail, but it is worthy of its own report, that I will post in the trip report section another day (if anyone is interested?).


    Kon Tum:
    The Family Hotel
    55 Tran Hung Dao St, Kon Tum

    This was a lovely hotel run by a lovely lady named Ly and her two dogs: Fa and Mi. Together they make the "Family Hotel". $17 for a double room, balcony, bath, A/C, fridge. Lovely garden courtyard for a coffee or beer. I recommend this hotel if in Kon Tum.

    Kham Duc:
    Be Chau Giang Hotel
    Kh?i 2A, Th? tr?n Khâm ??c, Huy?n Ph??c S?n, Qu?ng Nam.
    Tel: (+84) 510 681555.

    We really liked this hotel. It is much newer than the Kham Duc Hotel which is the one in the guidebooks that most people on the HCMC trail stay but this place is better. $15 for a comfy room, balcony, bathroom, fridge, A/C and friendly staff.

    Trung Son Guest House
    Address is on the main street of town on the right hand side.

    Not a very nice hotel, unclean and uncomfortable for $10 a night. There is a new hotel behind it that I would try if there again. From the Trung Son head north about 10 metres past the little shop and there is a driveway to the new hotel.

    Dong Phuong Hotel
    60 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hue.

    This hotel doesnt look like much but it is very comfortable. The beds are soft and the rooms quiet. We paid $12 for our room and it included two beds, bathroom, A/C, and cable tv. We stayed for 5 nights and were very happy with the staff and our room.

    Make sure you check out the Citadel and the Tombs. They are fantastic.


    Hoi An:
    Hop Yen Hotel
    16 A Nhi Trung street | 9 Ba Trieu street, Hoi An 84 510, Vietnam (it has two entrances as the building goes across the whole block.

    At $14 for a double room, bath, A/C, fans and cable tv, the Hop Yen is one of the cheaper places in Hoi An. It is comfortable and the people are nice and the WIFI works well, but it is noisy. A genuine budget hotel.

    That is where I am up to now. In a few days we head to Hanoi for a flight to Nepal. But I will be back to do north Vietnam in June. I will post again after my experiences up there.

    A hope this helps, remember this is only my experience. If I have learnt anything in Vietnam is that consistency is hard to find. One man's experience is often very different to the next.

  5. Noel Akers

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    Got to be one of the best accommodation reports I've seen. Thanks for the time and effort .....looks like you found some great spots
  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Great stuff & excellent info.
    Many thanks for the contribution.

    :idea: :idea: :idea:
    And it must be time to upgrade to a separate Vietnam section on the forum.

  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    A motorcycle accessory shop in Hanoi



    has just moved to a new location & most of their stock was still boxed up.

    Only a few items were unpacked & on display



    All products looked to be the real thing & good quality.
    Alpinestars sport Saddle bags 3,000 baht
    Alpinestars gloves
    Fox knee / elbow protectors
    Daytona brake pads
    Tank & fuel cap protectors
    Tank bags

    They claim in the coming weeks all the stock will be unpacked & put on display, (with photos to be emailed.)

    Well worth checking out if you are in Hanoi.

    GPS Waypoint: N21 00.907 E105 51.133
  8. VietHorse

    VietHorse Ol'Timer

    Here are some Spots in Hochiminh City, hope it helps:

    Big Bike Maint & Repair Shops:

    1. Tien Thao Motor:

    - Add: No. 67 - Street No. 8 -Trung Son - Binh Hung Ward - Binh Chanh District - HCMC
    - Contact: Mr. Tri +84.903656538 - Shop Manager - VN/English Speaker.
    - WP: Lat 10°44'8.33"N / Lon 106°41'30.27"E
    - Service: All kinds of repair, maintenance, overhaul...

    2. Hieu Nghia Motor:

    - Add: No. 117 Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District - HCMC
    - Contact: Mr. Hieu +84.919999906 - Shop Manager.
    - WP: Lat 10°48'25.79"N / Lon 106°43'6.59"E (estimated)
    - Service: All kinds of repair, maintenance, overhaul...

    3. Hung Motor:

    - Add: Huynh Van Banh Street (near the intersection btw Huynh Van Banh Str and Nguyen Van Troi Str.) - Phu Nhuan District - HCMC.
    - Contact: Mr. Hieu +84.908011971 - Shop Manager
    - WP: Lat 10°47'32.83"N / Lon 106°40'47.53"E
    - Service: All kinds of repair, maintenance, overhaul...

    4.Bike City..
    - Add: 480 D Nguyen Thi Thap Street, Tân Quy Ward, District 7 - HCMC.
    - Contact: +848377752491 (As below photo)
    - WP: Lat 10°44'21.52"N / Lon 106°42'27.35"E (estimated)
    - Service: All kinds of repair, maintenance, overhaul, parts, accessories, Wi-fi cafe...


    5. TBA...

    (to be continued...)
  9. Levy

    Levy New Member

    Hi gents! I'm Levy from Hanoi. This is my first post. I ride mostly in North Vietnam and I hope to post some reports later.
    i found another motorcycle accessory shop in Hanoi

    Big Box Shop
    77 Khuất Duy Tiến,
    Thanh Xuân,
    GPS waypoint: N20.998585 E105.797288




    A lot of what they have, gloves, armour, clothes, boots is clearly fake and of poor quality.

    Attached files 264803=905-IMG_0170.
  10. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Marty and Levy,

    Thanks very much for taking the time to post the info. Great stuff.

    Looking forward to any trip reports you might do.
  11. leopardracing

    leopardracing Member

    Hi Levy

    I will be in Hanoi end March to visit a friend who has recently moved there.

    Bought a Kawasaki KLX 250 in Chiang Mai to ride round Thailand, Laos and Cambodia - originally planned to ride roudn Vietnam on it but fiund out I can't get it into Vietnam without paying a huge amount of money to a Tour Guide Compnay.

    I am told that renting a bike in Vietnam is very expensive and the quality of the bikes is often quite poor - is this true in your experience?

    Do you have any recommendations for bike hire companies?

    Kind regards,

    Peter Clark [email protected] (best to email as I check that most often)
  12. brucegsrider

    brucegsrider Ol'Timer

    Does anyone know where to hire these old bikes in Vietnam. A mate of mine took the pic recently, seems like an adventure. The bikes look like 60' BMW copies.

    Attached files 269580=4150-VietBikes.
  13. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    That would be Digby at
  14. brucegsrider

    brucegsrider Ol'Timer

    Thanks David..................why am I not surprised that you knew this.
  15. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Can any of you numerous guys who ride Vietnam on small bikes & put them up for sale on GTR, please make a small contribution here - recommended hotels / guesthouses / restaurants.
    Thank you.
  16. XRL GEE

    XRL GEE Member

    Hi David,
    I am living in Vietnam now (been here a few weeks this time back but going for my second vn wife) I am quite familiar with VN......but not so much yet to add any details ....yet. I have a 5 year Visa and will marry again soon.
    If anyone needs help, I am close to Phan Thiet, not too far from Vung Tau and HCMC.
    I just bought a Honda XL250 Degree in hcm that is in desperate need of some TLC. Tonight the bike, my father in law and myself are going to Hcm to put the bike into Honda for an overhaul.....
    In the 2 weeks I've had the bike......I had 7 flats in one day (seems the guy who sold me the bike forgot to tell me about the viscous leak happening)......then 7 miles from inlaws house.....there was a mountain in my way and couldn't seem to find the way around to home so.....I broke down and called for help....:(
    Next was a totally destroyed main output shaft (where the front sprocket joins the engine).....that is the reason for taking it to hcm....I want to have a reliable bike and the motor and tranny are very strong.....but this issue isn't reassuring as I want to do S.E. Asia soon.
    In total, I have had to push the bike 9 times...LOL
    More exercise in VN in 2 weeks than I've had in 2 years!!
    Once I find a good mechanic, I will post that info.......and anything else.....I can find out if I don't come across it myself.

    Thanks....great site....

  17. VietHorse

    VietHorse Ol'Timer

    Don't know if you can find any spot near Phan Thiet.
    However, you can try Vungtau as you not to far from there.
    There are two famous shops in Vungtau:
    1. Sáu Râu shops: It's right at the cross btw Lê Hồng Phong and Bình Giã street. It's just around 100m away from Vungtau center Post office. (Mr. Sáu's phone as I know: 09385811944)
    2. (I forget its name): It's at the conjunction of Lê Quý Đôn - Bà Triệu - Nguyễn Văn Trỗi. Just opposite the Wings coffee & Duy Tân theater.
    PM me if you need more detail about shops in HCMC. Or you can "use" me as your translator for motorcycle related issues. :)
  18. Rod Page

    Rod Page Ol'Timer

    GREAT stuff VietHorse. Invaluable information & your willingness to help is admirable. Goooo VN!
  19. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Great to see you here on the forum Gee.
    Now GTR has two locals based in HCMC.. Great stuff.

    A bunch of the Bangkok weekend warriors want to get down your way next year and do some more exploring.
    Any posts and information you and VietHorse can share will be greatly appreciated.

    Love your sense of humour with all the issues.. Good on you.. No point getting annoyed or angry.
    Just get it fixed and start riding.

    If you are ever in Bangkok.. Be sure to let us know..
    Quite a few GTR guys here in the Big Durian that meet up for beers, cheers and rides regularly.

  20. Wald0

    Wald0 Ol'Timer

    Great place to fix your bike in Hanoi -> 540 Duong Lang, Hanoi
    The Pha Daeng Mansion

    They don't speak English, but you can get by with hand signals! ;)
    Very good service!
  21. Maccaoz

    Maccaoz Active Member

    Accommodation in Bao Loc
    Thuan Hoa Hotel
    Tran Phu St.
    Nice rooms,clean,TV no air con but cool area,good beds-no complaints.
    150,000vnd Nice people.
    More rooms & a lift being constructed when we last stayed 1/14
    Located on RHS Tran Phu heading north.
    Co-op-mart Supermarket, with small restaurants attached, opposite & 100m north.
    Some nice little coffee shops between Hotel and supermarket.
    Not sure why but Bao Loc & area is one of my favourites in SVN.
    Cheers, Maccs
  22. David-GTR

    David-GTR Member

    Anybody else out there with some new tips.

    Bring it on guys..
  23. Wald0

    Wald0 Ol'Timer

    Few motorcycle accessories shops in Vietnam.
    mind you that shops change addresses here faster than you can go around the block. :mrgreen:

    Hanoi <- Don't know if this shop is still alive.

    540 Duong Lang (Hanoi) can order from this shop if you want. just pay there and it will arrive in 3 days. <- I've heard that they can order any product from with same price what they sell in Singapore. <- Taboo shop, sells mostly brake/exhaust parts

    There is also a shop in 455 Kim Ma,
    Made in Vietnam. they sell normal and some motorcycle clothes, they also have warehouse in Nguyen Trai street very close to Royal city but you have to go Kim Ma first.

    You can also look PKL.VN web page. they have forum there and selling bikes and gearing.

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