Recommended mount for Garmin 76csx

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  1. Heading to the States next week and will be purchasing a 76csx so I can start saving my tracks. What mount do you guys recommend I buy for it ?
  2. I Use the Ram Mounts. Real Tough, Great Quality and Easy to Use.
  3. If you want to use the 76CSX on the motorbike best will be to a RAM mount for on the handlebar.
  4. So this one:

    RAM Mount GPSMAP 76Cx 76CSx 96C Series Motorcycle Brake Mount
  5. It's personal preference. I prefer the U-Bolt mount as it is a little more versatile and you can mount it exactly where you want.
  6. It's personal preference. I prefer the U-Bolt mount as it is a little more versatile and you can mount it exactly where you want.
    Good point. The "U Bolt" seems to be the most popular. Although unclear it looks like the unit has no maps when you purchase from the US or GPS City. Was hoping to use it while there. One more question. I have a Nuvi 205 purchased in Thailand with Thailand maps. Are those maps transferrable or will I have to purchase them again ?
  7. Sometimes when you buy a GPS in the US they come preloaded with maps but that is not always the case. Maybe look/ask around a bit and see if there is somewhere where you will get it with the map included.

    With regard to the Nuvi in Thailand, the map is locked to the GPS so you will have to buy a new map (2000 Baht at the moment and a new version coming out this month).
  8. I'll 3rd or 4th the Ram mount system. I have shorted out 2 Garmin units though through excessive vibrations with the Ram units. A Garmin rep I talked to suggested using an upper handle bar clamp instead of the ubolt and isolating the clamp more with tape or rubber around the handlebar first, prior to mounting the unit. It's worked great for me now for years. I picked up a couple of clamps at a used motorbike parts shop.
  9. Kiwis shouldn't mention Ram Mounts, it opens the Stereotype Door for unjustified jokes.
  10. Aren't all Kiwis "sheep shaggers" ? :lol-sign:
  11. Not sure I understand :wtf: Couldn't you use the U bolt mount by first wrapping your mount point (handlebar) with plastic or rubber ?
  12. handlebarclap.
    I guess I'll never be able to write technical manuals.
    My personal experience is to take 1 of these clamps and bolt it to the Ram ball mount. Instead of using the u-bolt. Just seems more solid and a bit less vibration sent to the GPS.
  13. I've been using the Garmin handle bar mount which has held up so hard and been through a beating. However, it's plastic and I don't trust it. Would like to get a RAM mount but I couldn't find one here in CHiang Mai for the 76CSx, has anyone seen a ram mount for the 76Csx sold in CM?

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