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    List here shops that you use & recommend in Pattaya.
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    I got a feeling Monsterman might have something to say on this subject huh Jerry [:)]
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    Yes i do have much to say on this but the main thing to remember is CAVEAT EMPTOR - BUYER BEWARE! this is Thailand even if the vendor is good , books and paper work can take time,

    In Pattaya there are many shops

    WRANGLERS duck Square , new and 2nd hand HDs only service and sales fairly reliable.Mike is a gentleman and will sort out problems.

    HOT ROD thaprayya road HD and custom HD fairly reliable.Ed is Thai but worked in germany he is reliable and his custom work is exquisite but check books carefully and make sure they are Bangkok books not Chantaburi.make sure his machanics torque up all fasteners.

    East coast customs , hanuman statue Thapayya road, HD customs .

    Road Machine Khun Chatri 3rd road many big bikes and makes , fairly reliable , he is chinese thai and most people are happy but some are not, i have always had good luck with him.

    Siam racing Sukumvit road, Owned by Scott from UK , big impressive shop lots of choice but be very careful ,books take a long time has many unhappy customers .

    Also Manot in Chonburi on Sukumvit road is OK , If u buy from him the book will take 4 months but I did for my ducati S4 no problem.

    There are several other Thai owned shops around , some are OK but workshop work is often bodged, so ask friends who they trust for work and sales.

    Beware of ex tarted up rental Jap bikes.

    I do my own servicing and used to work with Mike from Wranglers .for HD work go to Wranglers or Hotrod.

    for Ducati work ask me if i am in town , or got to Khun Boy at Chicane in Bangkok or main dealer .

    For new model BMWs best go to main dealer in BKK ,

    For jap bikes i would say Chatri ,Khun Uming in soi batman ,the shop on corner of 3rd road and Thapraya is OK . or ask me i may be able to help when in town.

    But I am in UK at present.

    Guys tell us about tour local experiences please especially work on Jap bikes.
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    Now this is the first of my opinions and feed back on Pattaya Motorcycle Shops. I try to only handle own experience no rumours and no “I have heard”…. I think I start this with Siam Racing just to make Jerry upset in England.

    I have bought 2 bikes from Siam Racing, one VTR 1000 and one Honda Dominator 650 2 weeks ago. Everything Scott has promised he has fulfilled. No big problems with paper etc. The last bike he brought me home with a new Yuasa battery fitted.

    Both bikes were good value for money so I am OK.

    My friend bought a XR650 from him and sold it back a year later when his leg got two fractions and Scott paid as agreed.

    But off course I have some negative experiences also. The price level at Siam Racing is very high. The bikes are normally very good and the shop is well maintained but the bikes are by far too expensive compared with other shops.

    Index helmets are 30% overpriced but may be you can get discount.

    Scotts service garage is normally very good but he has a very high price level.
    But may be that what you have to pay when European standard is used when servicing. His mechanics are mostly very good also those ones which have quit and work now at other shops.

    The director Scott Horvath likes to make his voice heard and that a reason why most people are a little divided about him. But on the other hand he is an active Enduro rider so he tries to be “one of us”

    The unsatisfied customers are probably people waiting for books, the same problem all shops have. I think that Siam Racing sells quite a lot of bikes so the amount of people waiting for papers can be quite big. I can also imagine that Scott is not always very diplomatic when handling problems.I know that there is plenty of rumours but I hope the people behind the rumours speak out so that we all know where we go.

    The shop is situated on Sukumvit road about 200 meter north of Bangkok Pattaya hospital. The address is 297/4 Sukumvit road. Telephone number 038-4257857 and internet site ... Terms=kafe. Give it a try and tell your experience .

    Since there are other active topics with rumours etc I wonder why the owners of the shops do not come out and tell their story. I saw that ALEX from Motozone did it now which I think is good but may be to late. So Scott if somebody gives you bad feedback here come out and reply.

    I will come back with feedback from the other shops here in Pattaya together with pictures. I have good and bad experience. But first I have to go tomorrow morning at 6 to Kuala Lumpur with a bike for the Formula 1 races


    Ps Kimi Raikkonen wins!!!!
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    Thanks HIKO , i am glad your experience is good, i think books are the real issue ,and the prices but every big bike shop has problems from time to time even the ones I trust ,Thailand is a messy place for business .

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    Adding to the list...

    I've experienced good service and repairs at "Nippon Moto Bike" located on the southerly end
    of 3rd road. Go south, pass South Pattaya Rd, continue past soi-17 (there's a 7-11 on that corner) and go another 300-meters or so. The shop is on the left side of 3rd Rd, just after the bridge overpass to the Bali-Hai Pier begins. No sign on the shop...they also have many big bikes for sale. "Mr. Joe" is the owner and he has treated me decently in the past. FWIW, I know BM Robert Hiekel also uses this I first met him there. Mobile 086-321-8951
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    I know Joe and he is reasonably competent ,also has a few nice bikes sometimes , but always be careful.
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    I used to use Chatri, im afraid to say i wont be again, slow ( i cant help thinking that if his ass was on fire he would walk to the fire station ! ) and work questionable at best,5 years ago he was ok but like a lot of us hes probably had enough,. i still go and have a look at his stock from time to time but its the same old (tired ) faces,
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    I promised long time before some pictures of Siam Racing


    The proud owner of Siam Racing Scott Horvath


    This picture is a little old because at the moment all the signs are gone, hopefully just for renovation and not a business failure….

    For your information Siam Racing is for sale if somebody is interested.

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    If any one has a problem with a Ducati locally (Pattaya)and i am in town I will have a look at it as although I am not in business I have all the tools and Ducati manuals and Diagnostics for all latest models and shims for 4 valve models .
    In bangkok the main dealer DUCATISTI soi Thonglor Suk 55 is OK but Khun Boy at Chicane Ramintra is great as he looks after several local Ducati race team bikes.He has all the Ducati tools and many spares.
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    Anyone looking for Siam Racing is now relocated to Jomtien about 200 meters past Tesco Lotus (on he same side) heading out of Pattaya. I just thought i would keep you updated. :D
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    Minor addition...
    Shop is on Sukhumvit (as is the Outlet mall and Tesco/Llotus)
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    Siam Racing Motor cycles .....................

    After months of badgering from custermers also shed some light on how it really works and also to respond to a few of the less possative comments on all of us hard done by Motorcycle retailers in Thailand Here's a dealer insight to the machanics of the industry ...............

    Make a cup of tea and lets get down and dirty ...........

    The below is regarding volume imports not ''suit case smuggled ducati's '' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    95 % of all large capacity motorcycles in Thailand are of a grey import origion almost all coming from Japan . These motor cycles are sourced by licenced Japanese agents who you must use as a purchaser and mediator , that is concrete japanese export law when dealing in volume requirments !!!!

    The machines are sourced by trade consolidators from retailers clearing out old stock , part exchanges , last years unsold models ect .These go to 'BLOCK'' along with fianance reposetions ,stolen recovered , insurance damaged claims machines and police siezures .

    'Block' is the term used for large export auctions and when i use the term large this is an understatement ......around 5000 machines up to a recent whopping 21,000 bikes where auctioned off for global export every month.

    Yes i hear you say ''tell us some thing we dont know'' ..........please bare with me and you will get a fuller picture ..........

    Most machines purchased by your approved agent also deals with the freight and shipping who 80 % of the time simply throw them in a container fully assembled to be despached to counrty of purchase .

    Thailand however in its almighty wisdom will not allow you to import a fully assembled second hand / used machine complete even if you are willing to pay the full 77% import tax . complete NEW bikes only is the law !!!!!!!! so all bikes bound for Thailand then have to be stripped into parts ..........this is where it becomes expensive as any one who has done business in Japan know the price of labour and its not 200 baht a day !!!! Further expense before leaving japan...............

    So we now have our containers (note containers) as the Thai import laws state that a complete machine even in parts is not allowed into Thailand as its import tax evashion so engines in one container , frames in another and yes wheels , seat , plastics ect in another ........thats three shipping costs !!!!
    The containers must not be assosiated with each other and all go to differant ports under differant names ,tractors ,cranes ,ATV's ect all done in this manner and have been done so for decades.
    Please note a gratuatess enverlope for services rendered is ALWAYS required no matter how small the shippment.!!!!

    The import tax for a used parts complete bike works out at approxamtly 28% . If there is any incorrect data or false purchase price information on the shipping manafest and original bill of sale from Japan then you are in for one hell of a roller coaster ride to sort it out from the Japanese end and mistakes are often made.

    So once the bikes are here and re-assembled which you need a goverment licence for in Thailand (we have one ) they then can be sold can not by law place a vehicle on a show room floor untill it has been registered with the minstry of transport or you posess a licenced ministy of transport trade plate / approval cert which requires you complete the registration in twelve weeks !!!!!!!!!!!.

    NOW WERE GETTING THERE ................

    It is estemated that there are around 200,000 large capacity motorcycles in Thailand with a large % being imported in the last 10 years . With a population of 66,000,000 these figures are astoundingly low considering the all year weather conditions and the expendable fianance the general public now has access to , bank loans , fianance deals ect ect .

    So back to the topic of the ''BOOK'' business. Once the bike has been assembled and you are in possetion of all legal documentation as it takes a while for the customs and shipping companies to release these you may apply for a book , if you are a "Falang" you will need a current valid passport and a valid visa , if you have a dodgey visa or passport BEWARE as these are inspected and not just your current visa but also all previous entries in your passport . We have been in deep water submitting an application to the imagration with illigal visa's which has led to me being dragged into the immigration office with the police demanding the where abouts of the purchaser !!! I have been instructed to asssit in these matters or pack my bags !!!!!!!!

    So if all is well we submitt the import papers , copy of passport and visa also approved immagration application to the ''AGENTS'' approved by the minstry of transport or to our ''APPROVED '' agent who works directly in partnership with the ministry of transport office . These are an endangered species here in Thailand as they do not opperate out a Sukhumvit office or have web sites and can only be contacted when they so wish ..........however they do eventually produce the goods after a period of time , now the period of time ''is as long as a piece of string'' , payment is made in full up front for the books .

    If there are any anomiliies you are going to find out at this point and this is where the fun starts...........if you have only 2 -4 -6 -8 weeks left on your visa then chances are it wont get processed in time as it needs to go through three differant departments to complete. If you ever want to see Thai efficienty pop to the minsitry of transport office in BKK where registrations are dealt with .............take a camera as your freinds will never belive you !!! 10 inspectors checking a back log of thousands of bikes current details and condition...........oh sorry forgot to mention that the ministry now require the bike for physical inspection and often the bike has to be left for days on end .............

    It takes around 16- 20 weeks to register a grey import from start to finish if there are no problems , your buggered if you work offshore and are in and out of the country and are on a 90 day visa , its hard work convincing them to complete it even when they are aware of visa difficulties usually does the job but ''it aint cheap''.

    The inspection is done and you will recive a rego plate two to four weeks later along with the road tax certificate , still no book ....yep still no book
    it will eventually appear many months later . Now any one who has experianced this wait will know it is a very long wait. If you wish to travel out of thailand on your new bike its a big concern ..............

    Most books which are in circulation are of a re- cycled nature , engine numbers , year of registration are miles out .These bikes are from the older generation of imports a few examples are CB 400 S , Steeds ,Bross ,Bandits ,CBR400 ,xjr's ,Transalps most of which where imported for the rental or hire businesess which are scattered across Thailand and as we all know there a lot of them . These books are finding their ways onto newer imported bikes which the ministry are quite happy to re- regiseter for a cost ........ so all you moaning paranoid bikers out there who baught a hundred thousand baht bike dont expect an original book as these cost 55,000 direct over the counter . The recent concern over books can be attributed to one thing ........all the ministry of transports data is now centrally computerised so if you have an old bike it may have been registered in ''Nakonnowhere'' on the back of a fag packet ten years earlier.
    All these files are now being dealt with , now for those who are not aware a jolly Thai chap called chewmin (burapa/ shark riders) who is the president he is now in talks with the authorities to call an amnisty so all bikers may take their bikes in and have all irregularaties corrected ,when you see an advert for this campain please please give it your support as it will give bikers and retailers a clean slate to work from as at presant it is a total f#@&%! mess.
    All our new imports have new registration plates but problems with the older machines there is little i or any dealer can do about it , if your buying an older bike its sure to have the book data checked at the minisrty where it is registered ...........

    Here's a few figures to explain why most of these books are on these re-cycled books...............

    A new import 10 year old honda steed from japan costs 50 -55 k a recycled book 35 k . another 5 k for assembling and a full service ,if it needs a tyre ,chain ect then more . we sell these machines at 120,000 - 130,000 baht so as you can see it the profit hardly buys a round of drinks in your local MC club !!!!

    Where is does get messy is when a new super bike / chopper turns up with a 10 year old plate , this practice does go on here in Thailand and this is a real problem , i have had my fingers burnt to a crisp with this problem as i have had to refund the custermer in full ,My own fault for not checking with the ministry on whats on the central computer , If any one has the balls to set up a ''vehicle checking service '' i would be your first customer but as we all know this does not exsist at this time due to how the system has worked for many years and what your findings would reviel and who it would incriminate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you are buying a newly imported bike check the frame and engine numbers ,record them and when you get your book if they dont match ask for your money back , i make a point of telling the buyer if there are any data corrections on the book these days , most people are aware of the pit falls although if the corrections registered on the ministry central pc then there's not a problem.

    As a dealer i cannot change the way the motorcycle registration business has been implemented for the past two decades , as lets face the facts the systems in place by the authorities to extract as much moneys in any way possible !!!!!!!!!!!!! The customs get their envolope, the ministry get their envolope and us dealers get hassel of the custom inspection police so they get theirs as well ...........
    i often ask myself whats the point !!!
    so there you have it ...........

    buying an old low cost bike expect the re-cycled book ...........

    Buying a new import large capacity bike insist on a new book ................

    And on a personal note this is not an easy business as their are many pitfalls and the fact four bike shops have gone out of business in the last year confirms this . there is so much to go wrong with the registering and new name owner ship transfares , lets not even get into false thai ID cards and missing visa's ,angry wifes and worst of all retarded wanna be hells angels who need mental health care not motorcycles ..............

    WILL PX PIG FARM ON SATURN .............

    If i get any possative feed back , i will be happy to explain any questions you have regarding motorcycles in Thailand ............

    Also with regards to Gasahol ...........DO NOT USE THIS FUEL IT WILL SEIZE YOUR CARBS AND VALVES IF LEFT STOOD !!!!!!

    Oh nearly forgot starting in end of febuary we are holding Thailands first English speaking motorcycle Auction which shall be the end of every month .
    we have an independant auctioneer from the UK with 27 years experiance so if you want to shift that old bike or parts ect ect drop me aline ........................we shall be selling many importers / dealers / police siezures / fianance repo's / private entry bikes through this auction ....................
    We aim to change the way you buy and sell your bikes .................
    We are talking with the ministry of transport to have a representative presant on auction days to carry out all paper work and transfares...................Buda willing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for your version of the dealers' import & licensing process - I think you just got something off your chest - congratulations.
    Your contribution would have been a worthy addition to any of these earlier threads ... t2436.html ... t1831.html ... t2633.html

    Thanks again, & I hope you contribute more in the future. But if you want to add anymore to this, please wack it on one of the import threads mentioned above. And probably this one ... t1831.html is best.
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    My Ducati is not a suitcase special as implied , it was bought at auction in Japan by major Thai importer and brought in with 15 other bikes partially assembled in a container to laem Chabang , reassembled here and fully inspected at bangkok and registered with a new book .

    I am no longer in the bike business but i know how it works here .

    There are now main dealers in Thailand for Harley, BMW, Triumph , Ducati and it is now possible to buy new Big Hondas, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and even Victory here I am sure that soon other makes will be common too.

    KTM and MotoGuzzi / Apprilia will i am sure have proper representation in Thailand sooner or later.

    the range of after market parts and accessories is growing fast with more stuff available every year.

  18. HIKO

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    Hi Monsterman and all others.

    I couldn’t see that Scott mentioned You, but you thought is was you. I know some people in Pattaya who have brought at least KTM:s in suitcases to Thailand and maybe Scott had more info than me

    Thanks Scott for a good input on this topic from somebody who knows.

    I’m sorry you didn’t “talk out your mouth before.”

    The registration process for all shops in the “import in parts business” is a mess and very time consuming and I’m sure it consumes your nerves as well….

    On the other hand it is very nerves consuming and unpleasant for the customers who wait for their books month after month and in some cases never get them.

    Since this thread and familiars started more than two years ago and many things have happened since it may be good to make a resume’ of these two years.


    Bangkok Good reputation before, recommended by the GT-Riders and many members. Now “Thai bankrupt” and owner disappeared. Left many unregistered motorbikes, undelivered motorbikes, outstanding debts etc. Promised after closing the shop to pay debts to customers suffering but I never seen any posts about he honoring that promise. In a legal sense probably fraud but from a moral sense I don’t think it was mentioned to be a fraud, “he just lost control of his vehicle”. When you have a queue of customers waiting for prepaid books and you are pushed to sell more to finance the old debt you are quickly in a ”vicious circle” and ‘moral hazard zone” where faith in the business is stronger than facts in the business. A sad story especially for those suffering.


    Bangkok Good reputation before. Beautiful shop and terrific web site. Sold and delivered quite a lot of pretty new Japanese bikes. Went down when one of the owner disappeared (with some money or not) leaving many customers with undelivered bikes and books. Anyhow one “co-owner” or employee stayed and tried to clear up the mess with at least some success. At least they returned some unsold vehicles on commission to their owners. If everything was honored is unclear for me. Anyhow now “Thai bankrupt” and shop closed.


    Bangkok Good reputation before and still good reputation. Lousy internet pages in English The shop is probably a franchisee from Red Baron Japan Japan which is a huge company started by a former “big boss” of Yamaha. The official name of the company is something like Bangkok Auction House which indicates that some of the big Auction House for heavy equipment is behind the company financially. Run by Wikrom who is a very nice guy who worked before in Japan and speaks Japanese. They have a huge stock of motorbikes to select from in Japan, mostly slightly damaged bikes and bikes with over 3 owners (they are impossible to sell in Japan at this stage) and the Japanese franchisers have also used and new bikes from their own retail outlets as well as bikes bought from other dealers. I don’t have any own experience how good the working relation is between the franchisee and the Thai franchiser. Personally I have bought almost 10 bikes from them and only marginal “Thai” hassles with the books. Against other threads and posts Red Baron also have bikes with recycled books and they were also never able to come up with a registration for my new Aprillia. But they handled the matter in a decent way. Used to register bikes in Chantaburi which is a bad omen according to Monsterman. A huge warehouse of used parts. Have normally good bikes pretty new or all new at a premium price, but no overcharging

    TEERA BIKES OR TP-BIKES. Bangkok and Phuket.

    Quite good internet pages with plenty of bikes and offers even for new bikes. Most of the offers are “soon coming”. From internet you get some impression that they don’t deliver Green Books and promise some interim solutions for registrations. Most of the bikes are without Green Books. The owner is a big small bike dealer or something.


    I am not quite convinced if that is the correct name but it is the shop just after the big VW sign when you are going out from Chonburi. No internet pages but been in the business a long time. Seems to sell quite a lot of almost new BMW:s, Ducatis and Harleys. They even had an old Husaberg in stock last week and a 2001 Africa Twin. They sell the bikes without plates but they deliver mostly quite good the Green Book at 62.500 Baht for Big Bikes. I think recommended by Monsterman. A very funny family business but the daughter speaks good English. Plenty of old parts leaning from the floor and walls and you can find the most funny things there, like almost new BMW and Ducati engines and. It feels like a reliable shop even if I never have bought anything from there despite that I go there every month. One reason for my convenience is that the turnover of the imported bikes are huge. Next month you don’t see what you saw last month. Seems to have good connections to the “Registration”. Sells to other dealers also. Prices average. By far the biggest supplier of HD:s to the falang and Thai HD-community. In Chonburei-Sri Racha area.

    I’ve been there when a load of dismantled motor bikes arrive to the small shop in two different shipments and the assembling starts. All parts are numbered on the outside of the packing with the bike where it belongs as well as the part number. Since the bikes are totally dismantled the puzzle is quite impressive.

    ROAD MACHINE Pattaya.

    The shop of the ever smiling Chinese Chanti . No internet pages. I am not sure if he imports direct from Japan but he has quite an impressive stock of good bikes. Maybe he buys from the whole sellers in Bangkok He also have 5 brand new 90 cc Bridgestone from 1967 in stock!!!! He is a nice guy who has been in the business for a long time. Promises more than he can deliver but when you see his smile you almost forget it. Uses mostly recycled books. Normally delivers what he promises but the lead time can be huge… He can order parts quite quickly and his workshop is not so bad. Closes down his shops every time the Custom Police from Bangkok arrive and keep many bikes without wheels so that nobody can say it is a complete bike with a 70% tag on it…


    Joe’s motorbike shop. Joe is a very nice guy married to a Japanese wife and just got twins. Maybe that is the reason he is a little depressed and talks about minimizing the motorcycle business and turning into ATV:s from US . I think he is a main supplier to many well known GT-Riders.

    I have bought a few bikes from him and also sold a few to him and never any hassle. My friends have also ordered and got new Harleys from him with just the normal Thai hassle. He seems to have the good connections now, but for how long. Registration business is “monkey business” and the players may change.

    Joe works out from Hot Rod’s old premises at the end of third road just under the bridges. No Internet Pages.

    Then there is only one player left and that is Siam Racing nowadays Siam Motorcycles so wake up Monsterman now.


    I am not sure if the company is the same as Siam Racing Motorcycles but I assume that Scott has a new company. So maybe Monsterman’s prediction 5 months ago that Siam Racing will soon finish was correct..

    Anyhow Scott has moved to new even bigger premises 500 m south of Lotus south Pattaya on Sukhumvit and is still going strong even with a new brand name.

    Scott is a sales man and some people may not accept his style, but still he has been in the business for a long time and even on the internet threads I haven’t seen any really bad talking about him except Monsterman on behalf of a unknown customer., There was one bad thread that was shut down quickly.

    So I am happy with Scott and I can recommend him but do not believe what he says

    Okay there are plenty of shops in other parts of the country of which I know nothing. Anyhow I think they buy from whole sellers in Bangkok, who import huge amount of anything from Trucks to Motorbike and sell the bikes whole sale. Also I do not write anything about HD importers that is Monsterman’s business.

    Sorry for that this became a combined Bangkok Pattaya Post but shit happens.

  19. monsterman

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    sorry I seem to have upset Hiko.... and Scott . I am suprised that a few people who also post on GT rider have not posted the same negative experiences they reported to me .
    I hope eveyone has positive experiences with all rthe shops mentioned.

    The Chonburi Superbike shop is run by
    Manot who sell to the public and wholesales to the trade,I have bought 17 bikes from him wholesale when I did the HD business. He and his wife Kay are OK but do not speak much English.My Ducati came through him also.

    There is of course Mr T on Rama3 in Bangkok often has some nice bikes and generally is OK to deal with, I bought 2 bikes from him with books coming in 2 months also on Rama 3 is a Soi with half a dozen import wholesalers but strictly trade only.

    For new Hds and full service in Pattaya , manager Leigh there is Wranglers , and for custom Hds East coast Chris who is swiss and a good bloke and Hotrod which gets mixed response some people are happy other are not.

    many people moan about Chatri at road machine but I have dealt with him for 10 years with no problems bought 2 bikes off him and books were OK,he is Thai so sometimes things need patience.I also got him some spares from UK and USA and he paid promptly.
    There is always a large number of Farangs hanging around his shop socialising , mostly happy , he seems to try hard .

    Happy Valentines Day to all
  20. HIKO

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    No Monsterman you didn't upset me.

    I only tried to tell you in a polite and humorous way that before you make your posts try to think whether your post is based on facts or just personal feelings, especially if you are pointing at a person with a company all by the name. You wrote in some threads that Siam Racing is unreliable, on another he is very soon going out of business etc. Was that based on facts or just personal feelings. You can cause huge damage to that company and maybe he lost some customers and sale because of your posts that was not based on personal experience.

    I have a friend in Finland who had quite a big motorcycle company. He and the company started to get very bad feed back on a motorcycle Internet site. They even opened an own thread for this. It lasted for years and soon the predictions of "soon he will be bankrupt" came through. Of course some of the posts were true and a thread with bad feed backs tend to draw more and more bad comments and leaving those with good experience scared to post their good feedbacks. It is a vicious circle.

    Okay after the end of the company my friend checked the posts in the thread and found out that 25% of the posts were from the same man, a man who never had even visited the company, but was a minor competitor in the trade. He made a "defamation" sue against the man at the police and after one year the man was sentenced to big fines to the state and a 10.000 Euro fine to my friend. Maybe not so big but a good lesson....Later the police also charged the Moderator of the Internet site so he may face the same destiny.

    I think that this is a good reason why you and also the Moderator should be very careful when publishing opinions about companies and persons if it is not backed up by true evidence. The result may be hazardous for the company and may also be that in the future for those posting the posts. I know that all over the world there are plenty of people now trying the legal limits of Internet Sites and the limits are not yet set.

    I am quite convinced that you would not make a normal magazine ad for your former Wrangler shop where you say be "careful with Siam Motorcycles, they are soon broke" I am sure you wouldn't but I hope you see the point.

    The "anonymous" internet is not anonymous and it is a marketing communication channel if we want it or not.

  21. monsterman

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    point taken HIKO .I will make no more comments on Siam Racing.

  22. deckx

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    Siam Motor cycle seems good. Have a decent setup. Think they charge 500 baht /hour but if that means the job is done properly i don't mind paying.

    There are other thai shops which i'm not going to name but the first thing they do is suck your petrol tank dry. They have it down to a fine art so you just have enough to make it the nearest petrol station. :?
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    I can tell you from experience, in Bangkok, from Teera or Red Baron you should expect to pay 50,000 for a brand new green book. TaBien Lote.

    If you are spending 300,000 baht & above for liter bikes INSIST on a brand new book - not a recycled one. This will save having your engine & frame numbers filed off & restamped.

    This snake way is how my CB400 is registered - it's book was originally a VFR-400. But I have renewed it twice at DMV Sukhumvit Soi 62 with no problems. I paid 25,000 for that "recycled" book at Porn Superbike. Took about 4 months but I drove my bike near home all the time with no problems (with no plate).
  24. kerryd

    kerryd Member

    Yeah, that happened to me recently. Topped up my tank, drove maybe 10 km's. Next day I took it to a friend's shop to have the handlebars changed.
    Came back the day after to pick the bike up and he told me they had to drain the tank for some reason, but they were kind enough to put about 4 litres back in. :roll:

    Another friend told me that if I wanted good work done fairly quickly (on a Harley), take it to Wranglers.
    If I wanted good work done.......eventually.......take it to Min's shop (Min being the President of the Burapa MC). He has a little shophouse shop on a small soi just off of Sukhumvit (if you are turning left onto Sukhumvit from Pattaya Tai, the soi is maybe 200 meters down on the left side. On the right side of the soi, just past the Vetrans of Foreign Wars (VFW) outpost is Min's shop.)

    The Wranglers website appears to be having problems of late. When I was in Pattaya, on one computer I'd get a message that the site couldn't be found. On another computer, I'd get a page that mentioned something about the site not having paid their webhosting fees or something.
    I can get some of the pages to load, but the Contact page doesn't seem to work, and the "Bikes" page doesn't show any listings anymore.

    Siam Motorcycles webpage works, but overall, the site needs some improvements. For one thing, nowhere (I can find) on the site does it mention their address or contact info ! Which is quite funny when one page mentions their Recovery Service (just call or contact us !). :eek:
    The descriptions of the bikes available leaves a lot to be desired as well (Buell - Gray, Honda Shadow - Old, Haley Davidson - Black).
    Didn't leave me with much desire or incentive to check out their stock.

    I bought my bike through (not "from") Chon Buri Superbikes. It was actually a private sale, they handled the transaction. I did notice that they had a lot of mixed items in there (for different makes and models). Not sure how their service is, but my Thai friends seem to think highly of them.
  25. 883R

    883R Member

    I so far can recommend CHONBURI SUPERBIKES. Chonburi.
    I found my Harley there, gonna pick it up soon. The shops in Pattaya left a so/so feeling to me.
    I also went to DBigBikes in Bangkok, seems to be a busy operation, but they will build (mostly Japanese Bikes) for you and frankly speaking you never know what you will get. In addition they offer 70,000 Bht for a BKK Book and 35,000 Bht for another province (sorry forgot the name). Their website is []

  26. 883R

    883R Member

    Nice people, always good to go there for a chat. I am bringing my Sportster soon for a full service.

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