Recommended Rides/Sites around Southern Isaan? Sisaket, Ubon, Buriram.

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  1. I might be off around this area, based in Sisaket, next week for 3-4 days. I've been to Phra Wihan before and wouldn't mind clocking up some KM's and checking out other Khmer ruins, waterfalls etc etc, anything at all really. Perhaps around a lesuirely 300km+ a day from out of Kantharalak, Sisaket.

    I've done Phanom Rung in Buriram before but will likely head back there for a one day ride.

    I'm looking for nice roads, national parks, old ruins, temples, anything at all. :)

    Days of riding and exploring while just getting back in time for the nightly feast and whiskeys sounds good. :)
  2. A lot of these places sound interesting, but have no real idea where they are.

    Will have my Nuvi 1350 with me and will have to dig out the old paper map of Isaan to try and find them.

    Recognise any?
  3. Maybe a visit to the Sisaket Aquarium?



    From there you can drive to Khun Han to visit the Wat Lan Kuat - The Temple of One Million Beer Bottles - Khun Han



    Near Khun Han there are some nice waterfalls. They are well marked on the way to the bottle temple.
  4. Sisaket - Buachet - Kap Choeng and visit the Chong Chom bordermarket. Than take the 214 to Prasat, on the 24 go right and give ryans resort a visit. Nice accomodation and nice food!!
  5. thanks very much lads, I'm taking a look at all that, and definitely going to take the little niece to the aquarium.
  6. Have marked out the map. :)

    These sites are great for reading about the different attractions in each.

    I hope to spend one day touring all of Sisaket.



    One day touring Surin.


    And one day touring Ubon.

    Looking forward to getting to the mountainous N.P. that looks over Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.


    Mainly though it will be just cruising around on the bike, stopping off at these Khmer relics and sites, and taking it easy. I also aim to get to the Cambodian border on some of the back-roads. There's something adventurous about getting to the border of places like Burma and Cambodia on little back-roads with no else about.
  7. Great stuff! Here are some pics from the lakes 10 K outside of Buriram, on the way to Prakon Chai



    Here's a map, some more pics, and some commentary...


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